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Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Damn this is a steal. What is with you big guys? Not into Corneliani and 3-roll-2 anymore? Drop
Quote: Originally Posted by rdgn123 i soaked mine and had no shrinkage whatsoever. Cool, even in the inseam? What about waist stretch with wear?
Anyone know how much shrinkage to expect out of the linen blend WG's?
Quote: Originally Posted by umhaha84 Yeah i got scammed. Fuckin red neck was selling used mbp on ebay. I lost the bidding but he later contacted me saying the winner couldnt pay up. So i made an offer and paid the guy. Its been one week since i paypaled him. But he ignored my last email about refund. But looks like the red neck idiot actually used a real name and i was able to find his facebook page and shit. Besides paypal claim how can i get my money...
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis what's the sizing on the mcnairy-keds like? I'm not sure, I only have the regular ones, but I would assume they're the same. I'm 9.5-10 in chucks, 10.5 in adidas, and 10.5 in pro-keds.
This is the oldest thread i have ever seen bumped. Carry on.
A shoe company is moving towards higher-end production and shifting their target demographic. What conspiracy are you seeing? I dont think AS gets talked about here nearly as much as, say, Alden or C&J. You are weird.
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy 40" waist
Thank you, Chay. Now bring back the premier line . Absolutely the best shoes in their price range.
a whole lot better than your last one
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