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Anyone know how much shrinkage to expect out of the linen blend WG's?
Quote: Originally Posted by umhaha84 Yeah i got scammed. Fuckin red neck was selling used mbp on ebay. I lost the bidding but he later contacted me saying the winner couldnt pay up. So i made an offer and paid the guy. Its been one week since i paypaled him. But he ignored my last email about refund. But looks like the red neck idiot actually used a real name and i was able to find his facebook page and shit. Besides paypal claim how can i get my money...
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis what's the sizing on the mcnairy-keds like? I'm not sure, I only have the regular ones, but I would assume they're the same. I'm 9.5-10 in chucks, 10.5 in adidas, and 10.5 in pro-keds.
This is the oldest thread i have ever seen bumped. Carry on.
A shoe company is moving towards higher-end production and shifting their target demographic. What conspiracy are you seeing? I dont think AS gets talked about here nearly as much as, say, Alden or C&J. You are weird.
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy 40" waist
Thank you, Chay. Now bring back the premier line . Absolutely the best shoes in their price range.
a whole lot better than your last one
get them on ebay for 50 bucks, i have a few and i'm happy with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper McNairy x Prokeds I love these, i have the regular royal lo's but the mcnairy version is so much better
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