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Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan I'm looking to buy a few long term indices - specifically ones that tracks small, value US companies and emerging markets. Anyone know any? Edit: Passively managed! For US value: IWD, IWS, IWN, IWW...and those are just the ishares options. For emerging markets, VWO is probably the cheapest but i didn't exactly shop around.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaac Anyone have any recs on where i can get the little machine thing to swap out bands? If you have spring-loaded pins all you need is a tiny flathead screwdriver. If you have those split-pins then, yeah, you need the special tool i think. Once you have a NATO strap on you can switch from NATO to NATO without pulling the pins though.
Need 10.5
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES You can alreay get the all white samba Yep. Right Here
Quote: Originally Posted by y3ahind0 Awesome sport coats. please let me know if you have cucinelli or RLPL in a size 38. Free bumps! Good lord those are amazing. Would instakop 44L.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Digging the lack of hair Ktown. +1 I think it suits you. Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow If I read this correctly, best of luck to the young lady. Hope all will be well. +1
I wouldn't wear the second one under any circumstances.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Damn this is a steal. What is with you big guys? Not into Corneliani and 3-roll-2 anymore? Drop
Quote: Originally Posted by rdgn123 i soaked mine and had no shrinkage whatsoever. Cool, even in the inseam? What about waist stretch with wear?
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