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Indigo definitely rubs off, but how much depends more on the denim than the bag. If you're worried, go with the brown over the tan; it should hide the indigo stain a bit more.
I like my adidas resplits. They are on sale right now at, though sizes are limted.
tags say 15.5?
I don't see shell as an option?
Hi Julian, I'm looking at the Loake Pimlico. I'm typically a 10.5 B or C in US sizing. What size do you recommend? I'm leaning towards 9.5, but i have read on here people going 1.5 sizes down from US size on the capital last, saying it is quite high volume. Further info, i have a relatively high instep. Could you provide some input? Thanks,
^Different pair
^same as adidas & allen edmonds, YMMV
would be interested in measurements
Burton Malkiel - "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" required reading.
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