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Do you know yet what the pricing will be?
Indigo definitely rubs off, but how much depends more on the denim than the bag. If you're worried, go with the brown over the tan; it should hide the indigo stain a bit more.
I like my adidas resplits. They are on sale right now at shopadidas.ca, though sizes are limted.
tags say 15.5?
I don't see shell as an option?
Hi Julian, I'm looking at the Loake Pimlico. I'm typically a 10.5 B or C in US sizing. What size do you recommend? I'm leaning towards 9.5, but i have read on here people going 1.5 sizes down from US size on the capital last, saying it is quite high volume. Further info, i have a relatively high instep. Could you provide some input? Thanks,
^Different pair
^same as adidas & allen edmonds, YMMV
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