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Yes, they are welted. They have a channeled sole.
Yeah I read the books, did the questions, then brushed up using the notes. They also contain more questions and practice exams etc.
You can download current Schweser notes via torrent. I actually found the textbooks more useful for levels 1 & 2, but I know I'm the minority in that regard.
RLBL used to have explicit "Caruso" tags?
I'll agree the pants fit poorly, but I can't see how anyone is calling them "way too tight." I think they are sitting too low at the waist, causing the ass to sag and the upper/back thighs to bunch up. If they have had the crotch/seat adjusted, that may be exacerbating the problem, and it may not be fixable; I'm no expert. I definitely don't see any indications of "omg too tight!" however.
Have you handled them? They're nice when it's really hot, but have limited use beyond that. The cloth is VERY light and soft, more like pajama pants than denim. No structure, don't drape/stack particaularly well, etc.I have a pair, and, as I said, I like them when it's extremely hot, but otherwise they're kinda mediocre.
^I really like those
I will instakop. My thighs don't fit into PBJ's.
Do you know yet what the pricing will be?
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