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I just ordered and received one of the Napoli suits and am, at first glance, very impressed. I found the 44L to fit generally true to size (ie 44L suitsupply ~= 54L canali in shoulders, chest, and length, though NOT waist). Jacket length is traditional, waist is already quite slim, and pants slim though democratic. Probably will not tailor the jacket at all, maybe very slight sleeve adjustments. Also, the fast/free shipping and inclusive duty/tax was nice.
You seem to be correct regarding "I." Still, a pretty small mistake and hardly noticeable in the sea of improper uses of "me" I see every day.
In this context, ripe means old, past its time, etc. The other item you "can't get your head around" is also correct, I believe, though I am not certain.
Did a search, didn't find much. Does anyone have any experience with the "Leader USA" model from Corneliani? I garner that it is a slightly larger version of the "Leader," but how much bigger? How would one of these American suits fit relative to, say, Canali or Hickey Freeman?
I have a pair of Lombards. They fit long and narrowish in the toe, though only slightly. Ball of foot relatively wide and instep quite high.
Unfortunately, the measurement tables i've seen seem to indicate that the rise is REALLY high on those. Like, closer to drop crotch denim than "slightly more room." Check tate and yoko, they have them online.I was kinda disappointed to find that they were so extreme.
+1 for scotchguard
That applies to glued boots, I see no reason why any type of wax would affect the ability to resole a welted boot.
I think some of them are made by Vestimenta (???)
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