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Young people may rationally expect to have higher taxes in retirement than they do at present. I am in this boat and choose to max out my TFSA (canadian version of Roth IRA) instead of RRSP for this very reason. I cant think of a time a 401k type deferral vehicle is better than a fully taxable account, however. This is assuming someone has already made the savings-consumption decision and wants to save. Edit: point above is very good too
Just had a really great experience with ehaberdasher. Excellent customer service following a slight stock issue, and really prompt international shipping. Thanks!
That is the beloved, and discontinued, Seiko "Blue Spark"
I'm a reasonably large, athletic guy, and I only had to hem the pants on my 44L Really happy with it. Would contemplate a slightly slimmer model next time though.
I've got a pair of the adidas version. http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-training-adipure-trainer-shoes/TD035?cid=V20554&search=adipure Really, REALLY like them. Completely cured my shin splints, amazing for balance/agility type things....just awesome.
I got mine in 2-3 days, shipped to Canada. Quite astonishing.
Is #7 burgundy or brown?
Yeah, they say they have some patented membrane that works like GoreTex....but it doesn't. They leak. They are quite comfortable when it's sticky, however.
"A Random Walk Down Wall Street" should be required reading.
Looks very, very similar to the 000 last to me.
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