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That is the beloved, and discontinued, Seiko "Blue Spark"
I'm a reasonably large, athletic guy, and I only had to hem the pants on my 44L Really happy with it. Would contemplate a slightly slimmer model next time though.
I've got a pair of the adidas version. Really, REALLY like them. Completely cured my shin splints, amazing for balance/agility type things....just awesome.
I got mine in 2-3 days, shipped to Canada. Quite astonishing.
Is #7 burgundy or brown?
Yeah, they say they have some patented membrane that works like GoreTex....but it doesn't. They leak. They are quite comfortable when it's sticky, however.
"A Random Walk Down Wall Street" should be required reading.
Looks very, very similar to the 000 last to me.
NWOT (really just missing the hang tags) Ralph Lauren Black Label (RLBL) summer weight suit 44R $SOLD shipped CONUS or Canada lightweight wool light-medium grey with white pinstripes 2-button "Anthony" model Untailored, basting and interior labels intact, pants unhemmed. Very Slim Chest 22.5, Shoulders 19.5, BOC Length 30.75, Sleeve 25.5, Waist 37.5 Willing to provide extra pics and measurements as required. NWT Polo RL Made in Italy Seersucker sportcoat 44R SOLD...
Oddly, those Roosevelts aren't Roosevelts. Not sure if you didn't order what you thought you ordered, or if they shipped the wrong glasses. Roosevelts are more wayfarer-y and have narrower arms than what you have pictured. The easy way to verify, however, is that Roosevelts have a keyhole bridge which those do not. (I have a pair and like them very much.) Check the inside of the arm, I think those are the wiloughby or digby. They do look good on you, but you may want to...
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