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This is very nearly correct. So, what you have just successfully argued is that gold has historically exhibited precisely zero long-run real returns.This is intuitive, given it is a theoretical "store of value" and exactly why it is a terrible "investment."
Gunmetal and Caramel Rivets arrived today. First pairs.
OP claims he actually owns a boat, so this is not appropriate.
Not sure what you're asking, but Musto is my choice for sailing outerwear.
Shortly, my Hoyts will be shortened to shorts. In the meantime, I figured it prudent to order my first couple pairs of Rivets.
Yeah, there is a similar allocation/location concern with regards to foreign assets subject to withholding taxes, at least in Canada.
Pensions, old age benefits, RRSP withdrawals, taxable account gains, taxable account distributions/dividends. I'm certain I will "make" more money in retirement than I make now.Another way to look at it is from the perspective of alternatives: Say I eventually plan on maxing out both a TFSA and RRSP, over time. It makes more sense to make TFSA contributions now and RRSP contributions later (at/near peak earnings).
Young people may rationally expect to have higher taxes in retirement than they do at present. I am in this boat and choose to max out my TFSA (canadian version of Roth IRA) instead of RRSP for this very reason. I cant think of a time a 401k type deferral vehicle is better than a fully taxable account, however. This is assuming someone has already made the savings-consumption decision and wants to save. Edit: point above is very good too
Just had a really great experience with ehaberdasher. Excellent customer service following a slight stock issue, and really prompt international shipping. Thanks!
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