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I wear a 10UK/10.5US in Ed Green's 888 last... what size is recommended on the Hiro?
Or "i-banking." Shudder.As for attire, cities are drastically different these days. Offices in NYC, Toronto, and London remain generally the most formal (although New York is starting to slip.) Houston and San Francisco, in my experience, are VERY casual... No experience in Dallas. It, of course, varies by firm and by group as well.
If the same store offers the same product online for a lower price, including shipping, duty, taxes, returns, and very fast delivery times... the prices offered have to be the same or nobody would ever make a purchase in-store.
Given that they price online with shipping, tax, and duty included, and ship in ~2-3 days... who would bother buying in store if the retail prices were any higher?
If you're in Canada, most of the stuff is duty-free, I believe, under NAFTA. I have never paid duty on an epaulet shipment up here.
Re: seat seam on 7oz chinos On mine, it appears that the weave of the cloth is just separating, not the seam actually opening up. What I mean by this is the loose weave of the cloth is allowing the warp threads to be spread apart. Looking inside the seam at the excess in the seat, the warps are bunched extremely tight (being squeezed) and outside much looser (pulled apart). As NYR and Mike mentioned, it is a function of the loose/breathable weave. I don't think it is a...
Must be a special run for Holt Renfrew
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