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Hoping to track down a pair of these in good condition. Thanks.
Sorry for the goofy question, but I have to ask-- what hair product does Dylan use?? Oh, and voted/shared.
Would love to pick up a baseball jacket from Temple of Jawnz in size 48, tan is preferable but will consider other colorways as well. Let me know if you've got one in excellent condition. Thanks!
I have them in the same size as my one other pair (Japanese khaki) and the difference for me is hardly noticeable (perhaps because they are so sooooooft). I think the next size up on the olives would have been OK too but unless yours are a tight squeeze I'd think you'll be fine sticking with the same size in the future.Wore mine out in public for the first time today, where they soon became the object of admiration of a cute girl. "Can I... touch your pants?"(Sadly one of...
I have the Cone Smiths in 28 and took a 30 in the Staple chinos, for what it's worth.
Got the olive Staple rivets today and all I can say is holy shit. This is two weeks or so after receiving my first-ever pair in Japanese khaki and I am beginning to understand the whole rivet chinos = crack meme. Hoping for a cool spring so I can wear these all the time.
Likewise for anyone who got a 30 or 31...
Are these still available? I have been looking all over Chicago and the internet for these shoes but cannot find them ANYWHERE in my size. If they do indeed fit true to size (I've heard they run large) I'll take the 45s. If you've still got them please PM me.
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