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The hot and humid Florida look goes either 'jacket with no tie' or 'no jacket no tie'.
*standing ovation*Been listening to a lot of Live from Daryl's House lately. My favorite Hall & Oates tune:
Oh yeah. Looks like loads of cheesy fun! I see Vincent Donofrio back from exile. And Jim Caveziel playing Jim Caveziel.
I was told about this show a few weeks ago and did a marathon of Season 1 and 2. Really good. Very funny, and holds up to multiple viewings. I think the political satire is perfectly in sync with the more broad humor. “POTUS groped you?” “No, POTUS wouldn’t have the balls to grope me.”
I've been looking at making my own orgeat- any helpful tips?On the cherries, I tried simply steeping in corn whiskey. not too bad, but as you mentioned quite alcoholic and lost some of the cherry sweetness.
The Pallbearer record is excellent.I've just been listening to the largest standing ovation in RRHOF history. Of course, for RushAnd Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick R. (as 1970s Rush) and Rush doing 2112 Overture at RRHOF
For an excellent way-old school Vegas Italian restaurant head off the Strip to Casa Di Amore, on Tropicana, They even have a complimentary limousine which will pick you up from the Strip.
18 miles in 4 runs this past week. Back in the groove...
FINALLY caught the finale. Agree that it was a satisfying and inventive end to what was IMO one of the best sci-fi series in TV history.
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