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as stated in topic, i want to search anyone who can supply branded jeans especially nudie jeans, in many model & sizes, & also anyone who want to sell his/her jeans (it's no problem to me for the bnwt or bnwot or used but in mint/like new condition), & of course with the low/reasonable price please don't hesitate to PM me... or you can contact me via email/msn=>
every take a bath
once a month, or two month
hi any experts in here, does if anyone is a little bit big, are there not effective to do benchpress more? cause it can make your body not balance right? too big in chest area? cause for the person whose "basic" is big is usually as that?
US$ 5 in indo for the shorthair, it's no problem
very like fried chicken, but not the side effect due too much consume that food
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