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I thought the sub was cool. How can you expect perfect graphics on a show as ridiculous as LOST?
Coat looks too big.
Mine has an avocado in it.'re f*cked. Don't worry, I was where you are a year ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 skin flute? Naw we were not lucky (or perhaps extremely lucky) to see that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil J. Lindeberg Nudie AJDH AE Fairfax NIiiiiiiiicce, most ppl would fail at this look with the wrong shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Again, elite CTU training. I like how they sneak wardrobe changes in. Last season, I think Jack broke into a residence, and after the commercial break he had apparently managed to find a long-sleeve tactical shirt somewhere in there. It was also one of the few times I've seen Jack eat. God only knows what happens if America has two 24-hour crises back-to-back. Or if, like, for once the terrorists operate from...
Quote: Originally Posted by jst Its not about animal attraction - that's the shit that gets you into trouble. If you base a relationship on animal attraction, that's when you'll see the sex fade as you age. Its about a real attraction to the person, as gay as that may sound its true. And a side note to the younger guys - please, don't get married if you're having problems while dating. Making a life-long commitment isn't going to make things...
Not bespoke enough. I feel like its loose in place where it should be tighter. Jacket, pants, AND, shirt.
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