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Just cancel on the order, You'd be getting something for something more expensive than you thought it was. Thus, any value you get out of it is diminished.
I've listening to a lot of Lonely Island Boys, specifically, "I'm On a Boat" and I was wondering if anyone really owned a nautical themed Pashmina Afghan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7yfISlGLNU
DO NOT wear the colored stripe dress shirt. Are you trying to look like 90% of the club? What does that say about your style?
Lol @ Twotone
How about styling or grooming? Are ya'll using less pomade or what?
I wish I had a job that made enough to buy the suit.
I gave up Digg and Reddit for Lent.
Ummmmm....Take the 5, and use all the time you save to explore San Francisco.
I think you can still have novelty and uniqueness, but it could still be good enough to pass on to your kids. A novelty colored tie is a bad example, like the Piano Key Tie.
Hey Marc, I totally know what you mean. I've been buying nothing at all. All new clothes come in the form of gifts. I guess I'm just looking at my closet and trying to get experimental with colors and clothing combinations that I thought didn't work before. I've always tried new ways to wear clothes but I guess when you haven't shopped in a long time, it's more of a necessity.
New Posts  All Forums: