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How about we just have one-button suits? Problem solved.
I regret listening to The Fray.
I like the spread collar unbuttoned with the jacket. The collar stands up in a way that a regular doesn't
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher I've used a chloroform soaked Gucci rag with great success. I like to use Ether.
Fish...almost any kind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular I'm posting lots of pics of my collection in the blog, might as well share them with you... This time, a 50s 9ct chrono by Avia on a Hirsch ostrich strap; /M Very nice, it's got some characteristic wear and tear on 'em.
I think if you get a slim 3 button, assuming that you're slim, it should look fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone I use a $100 bill as a pocket square whenever I'm in Vegas. Works like a charm. Twotone I put a fat wad of 1's and wrap it in a $100 in my jacket pocket.
Did about 3-4 miles yesterday. Got lost but didn't stop running.
All these actually look amazing.
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