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i know exactly what you mean, that color combination has beed deaded.
SEriously, it's a big waste of time. But I understand why PR people are on that sh*t like crazy.
I just re-read the original post... Just get over it man. Once you graduate, this sh*t won't matter. And if you can't get a job with your shitty engineering GPA, then you weren't meant to be an engineer. You'll make it out fine.
How is this streetwear?
Maybe Conne with the sombrero? You nevee know...
NO.....you shouldn't
I'd actually want to know this. Kuz everyone here says never dry clean a tie. I've never had a problem dry cleaning a tie like once a year or once every two years. On a side note, I spilled lotion on a silk tie. Not THAT'S a dead tie.
Does anyone know any strategies here that doesn't involve creating fake accounts?
We Be Lovin' It.
New Posts  All Forums: