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Haha definitely shoulda went with the monocle.
Ummm try different colors. Those weren't really going that well.
You're not Jesus. So stop trying to wear sandals.
Because you're not a goth or Steve Jobs.
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan If you don't watch previews, how doo you know what movies to see? +1
Slim would be best.
Yeah seriously, how you gon hate on trailers? Harry Potter was built on them.
Uhhh... I went to the Warhol party in Emeryville. That was sick.
Tycoon, wiscogooner, and enjoiii: Sit down. Edinatlanta and kunk...should have never doubted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford If you can afford it, take the trip. The same entry-level positions will be there when you get back. Do it now while you can. Agreeed.
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