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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Dark brown tapering to black. Seems like it may not be as versatile as either a dark brown or black shoe. Also, any ideas about the maker? It's a Borrelli Luxury Vintage shoe, so is it Sutor? Or is it Santoni now? And... these run a size large, correct? Wear it with jeans. The dude with blowed-out spikes and untucked striped shirt can't really say sh*t to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern Anyone noticed how Megan looked a lot like Lena Headey in this video in particular? Time has definitely ravaged this chick.
That was a good movie. Don't trip.
New G.I. Joe Trailer Excited or flaccid?
Esquire has a video of Megan Fox's photoshoot for the magazine. Is it hot? Hmmmmmmmm............
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic Nothing wrong with dressing a certain way if that's what your life is like. You're going to be a doctor, not an artist. There's no need for you to be edgy, and in fact it seems a little inappropriate. Agreed.
Switch man, it's not too late.
I hope Pacquiao beats Mayweather and THEN retires. That would be picture perfect.
I wear Timberland Duck Boots. Got it on sale. It serves me well and looks pretty good.
I hope SkinnyGoomba doesn't turn this thread into GQDerek's MyStyle Thread.
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