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Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Say hi to my girlfriend while you're over there.
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Kickoff. They had free food and a dude who could play like 6 different flutes.
Chilaquiles with steak, rice and frijoles at some Mexican spot in the Mission.
It's ok, she gets naked for you on billboards, not them.
It just doesn't work with my size head.
I'm watching it just for Marlon Wayans.
New Balances, why would you mess up perfectly good shoes like that.
Ummmm just make sure you get the break on the pants right. That's all I'm sayin.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I'm wearing an unlined, unpadded, uncanvassed cotton jacket here with a necktie: So, my answer would be yes. - B Nice, you could dress this up or dress it down. However you like.
Could look good.
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