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Alright so my dad ordered himself one but it was too small so he gave it to me and it fits pretty damn good. its the exact same one that this dude is rockin Any ideas as to what type of jeans/shoes/shirts would look with this? I think the turtleneck looks great but i dont have one.
theres a dodge charger cop car in my old city
your being so noncomformist its almost a little bit douchebagish just because someone else is rocking dunks doesnt meann they are rocking them the same way you would.
I wear whatever sneakers i have on hand, i squat and deadlift sockfooted anyway.
i have a similar hoodie made by salvage. its thin, looks ok. im sick of that style tho
what a douche LOL
so instead of being a tool you just want to pretend to be one?
looks like bruce lee jacket
cant fuck with this
dont be a fool wrap your tool no excuses you better pray my friend
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