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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire On Styleforum, when the guy that owns the board points out a troll, people listen. Exactly what benefit would I derive from creating a "troll thread" entitled "Ideas to Fix the Economy"? I really don't get it. I"m sorry I didn't read every thread over the past couple weeks in CE before I started it.
On Styleforum, is the difference between a troll and a contributor simply the number of post counts?
It was 4 days old! Jesus. Can you not take a joke? You seem to have no problem with snarky comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Thread has been dead for over a week. Seems more like trolls tonight. 23 posts a day? So, basically one post per meal?
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Tips from those other threads I mentioned and which I agree with condensed: Do stuff. Follow interesting classes. Go follow some sort of course: Photography, dancing, writing, anything really. Join a club, any club. Talk to the people who follow the course, are members of the club. You already have a subject... Talking to strangers at such close knitted parties is next level stuff. You may someday get there. Most likely...
Catfight. The bitches are out tonight.
I'm looking for a little help of writing a follow-up email for a job application. Should it be brief and simply ask about the status and state that I am still interested? Can anyone provide some examples? Is a follow-up email even necessary or is it simply a nuisance for the employer?
Anyone out there with a Ludlow suit? Pictures?
Arguing over the attractiveness of this guy is Exhibit Z in the "People vs. The Repressed Homosexuality of Styleforum" case.
Dark hair and blue eyes gets me every time.
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