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That's just a slim-fitting tan-colored cotton suit. Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart, and Ralph Lauren make several just like it every summer. As for the tie, it's a knit tie, and one can be had from any number of makers, but I recommend Howard Yount.
What is the ETA on release?
That's a split waistband and it is usually considered a mark of finer tailoring, although it is becoming more ubiquitous.
"Too Short"
I don't see that Paul is casting anyone to be a villain. It seems that he was merely trying to explain, in an honest fashion, why. The state of affairs as it presently exists cannot continue.
85 is hardly hot. In fact, it's sufficiently cool to wear a suit. My perspective may be skewed as I live in Phoenix.
Do not wear black trousers with brown shoes. My suggestion would be a dark suit, white shirt, no tie.
Under no circumstances should you buy it or any other suit from Men's Wearhouse.
It's not at all a blazer, more of a jacket. Try the Streetwear & Denim forum.
New Posts  All Forums: