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Under no circumstances should you buy it or any other suit from Men's Wearhouse.
It's not at all a blazer, more of a jacket. Try the Streetwear & Denim forum.
The corporate discount does not stack with sales prices.
Various menswear brands will, at times, make a suit that is lined with a paisley cloth. The only such suit I have is one of The Clotherie's house suits, but that was a 2011 model.
No, I meant to say that you cannot be surprised when a two-man outfit takes a few days off at this time of year. There isn't anyone to cover for them, so naturally the processing of orders is delayed.
Howard Yount is a two-man outfit, not Amazon.com.
Try Crockett & Jones, Alfred Sargent, or Herring Shoes instead. The shoes will be of a much better quality for a similar price point.
Some people take off at this time of year...
Unlike most pants, Howard Yount's pants aren't vanity-sized. Try mailing him the pants back with a note.
Have you tried Brooks Brothers' extra slim fit? You may also like Kamakura's Tokyo slim fit. As for trousers, only wear wool dress slacks.
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