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Apparently Alfred Sargent is not doing made-to-measure anymore. Does anyone know anything more about this? This is a disturbing development...
My budget would be $600.00 or so. I would like rubber soles, although am not opposed to leather soles. I live in Phoenix, so worrying about overshoes isn't much of a concern. I am looking for something I could wear with jeans and maybe nice chinos at night, although I typically wouldn't wear tan or khaki chinos at night. Hence wanting something black.
Chelsea boots?
As I get older, I find myself wanting something a little better, more elegant, hip, whatever than black Doc Martens in the evening on dates, gallery showings, bars, etc. I don't want something too dressy, but more adult than Docs. College is over. Any suggestions? Thanks.
That's just a slim-fitting tan-colored cotton suit. Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart, and Ralph Lauren make several just like it every summer. As for the tie, it's a knit tie, and one can be had from any number of makers, but I recommend Howard Yount.
What is the ETA on release?
That's a split waistband and it is usually considered a mark of finer tailoring, although it is becoming more ubiquitous.
"Too Short"
I don't see that Paul is casting anyone to be a villain. It seems that he was merely trying to explain, in an honest fashion, why. The state of affairs as it presently exists cannot continue.
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