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Brick + Mortar upcoming style for 2017: Hunting Green Reverse Chamois Perforated Cap Toe Boot, Barrie Last, Brown Eyelets & Hooks, Antique Pre-Stitched Reverse Welt, Commando Sole, Antique Edge Did a SF member design this boot? Wondering if the boot is to have any perfing besides the captoe piece? Looks like a baaaaaaad boot! Thanks in advance.
I was just checking out their selection yesterday online. They have ~45 models now !Good dudes.
Not sure if that's true. Mike K's Ep post said that their demand has waned, meaning more factory capacity, and orders getting delivered more quickly and consistently.More quickly is all relative though, as we're talking about Aldens!
i believe you mean Epaulet's new Alden business model that @mdubs referred to?
first wear of the AoC x Inn8Chiro Jumper. It was love at first sight for me.
I see your Sloat and raise you one Sloat, 2.5 years old.
Go Original - the 405s. Its an overlooked model with all of the options out there but the color is great, and the comfort of the neocork sole and thomas heel with make you an indy addict!
Happy ValentiMes day to all the shoe LOVERS out there. Black shell tankers x Context
Looking great! Love the 18oz PBJ. Where did you score them?
dbl post
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