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Yes the lighting is making these look darker than they are. Your brother beat yours up nicely. The look great.
Speaking of... Here's mine
@mdubs Great new selections. I agree that the Rav WT boot is the champ. The modified last boot is a great shade but I don't know if I could used to that shape...
Congrats !!!! All the best to you and your family !
@Steel28 Congrats !! Great news (Awesome boots too!)
Yes, its CXLIt's an awesome trench boot. I have it and LOVE it.
Perfection Uncle Mac !
these are sooooooo beautiful. Why on earth did I hesitate???? I waited 3 years for this make up to come back and I hesitated. What a mistake.
Did anyone here get the black shell captoe boot (naval boot) in size 10D from the 2nds list? Curious to see what was so bad about it that the factory didn't even sent it to Leffot in the order (that was supposed to be my boot originally)
Happy Friday fellow Alden addicts. What better way to celebrate friday than with some Snuff.
New Posts  All Forums: