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I have the choco suede Indy on oiled waterloc soles from Unionmade (brass eyelets)
Thanks gents. When I missed out on the Bourbon Shell Blitz I told myself, no big deal. But now that I see in person how these turned out, whoever got in on that order is one lucky SOB. No wife pics, but thinking back 11 years, I think it was cheaper to do all of her immigration paperwork/fees than it was to secure these boots. D'OH !
The 2 best things I ever got from Canada 1. My wife 2. These shell boots
perfection. lucky man.
Sharp ! Like very much.
@zvincler great wear on those!
congrats dude. These are outstanding.
Mike - those cigar cap toes are just gorgeous
@patrickbooth @rydenfan Thank you gents.
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