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@mdubs - those NSTs look great. Seems like every time you wear them they look brand new.
Congrats to all who got in on those Ravello NST boots. Those are top of the heat. Wow.
Thanks a lot fellas!Just wearing today I'm thinking the shade goes great with dark denim, and would work well with brown cords or charcoal khakis. You'll love them!
Wait. What? How did you get these???Just kidding - Enjoy in good health Drew!
We interrupt this Ravello NST program to bring you breaking news on reverse chamois Indy boots. Officials are reporting that the feel of the chamois uppers combined with commando soles make the boots feel more like slippers than work boots.
What is the kind FedEx man/woman bringing you today?
After 14 mons of wear (1-2 times per week is all my schedule allows) I gave my 16.5oz Mellors a cold water wash. Very happy with the wear showing through.
Owners of reverse tobacco chamois boots: what do you use for care? Is there a conditioner that needs to be applied?
One of the best, hands down. You wear them well Sir
For your consideration: Alden x Unionmade Goods Chocolate Suede Indy boots with light edge trim. Size 10D, on the TruBalance last. Double water-lock sole. Special Thomas Heel. Shoes are in excellent condition! I approximate these were worn no more than 6 times. There is only some slight signs of wear near the toe box. I didn't do any brushing of the suede before the pictures, so this could probably easily be brushed with a suede brush. Boots were treated twice with...
New Posts  All Forums: