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Brand New in Box, never worn. No creasing. 10.5D on the Barrie Last. From the J Crew website: PRODUCT DETAILS A handcrafted masterpiece from Alden (est. 1884), an icon of old-school American shoemaking. Each boot is made in the USA using genuine Horween No. 8 shell cordovan leather (known for its shiny finish, durability and flexibility), which is vegetable tanned for six months at one of the country's oldest tanneries. Featuring all of Alden's hallmark details,...
Its nice that after a few year drought (well not for some people ) a lot of folks are able to get some exotic shell. Congrats guys and enjoy in great health! Keep the pictures coming!
Yes, I am pretty sure these are TB by the look of the bottom of the sole and the fit.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts on the laces. Looks like I'll probably be switching them around based upon my outfit. @bobbo316 - yes, these are from J. Crew. If these were snuff suede they'd be a 10 in my book. Still, the brass eyelets, neo-cork sole, TB last and footbalance heel make these a solid 9.314 for me.
Man, this Indy has really grown on me. You know what they say about those stock models...Don't know how much longer I can hold out.Doesn't help that I picked these up from the 'Crew after deliberating for a many weeks (Thanks @gosheik )Which laces do you guys like better?
my 8 year old son loves watching your videos with me too!
Funny cuz it was your video that helped me over the fence on these!Never too much color 8!Those church hill Indys are so sweet. I slept on them and now my size is gone.
i really like your collection. A little of everything and some key models.
Thanks all for the kind words on the Indys!
Price drop to $599.
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