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For your consideration: Bootmaker Edition (The Shoe Mart) of the iconic Alden Indy Boot in Color 8 Shell Cordovan. Size 10D. Trubalance Last. Commando soles. 360 degree storm Welt All eyelet design (no speed hooks). Brass eyelets were added after purchase. $762 at full retail, plus $50 for the brass. Offering here for $595 shipped in the Con US. VG++ condition. If you’ve bought shoes from me in the past, you know that I take meticulous care of my shoes and you won’t...
@js01 damned near perfect
Supply & Advise has a very nice natty CXL Indy make-uphttp://www.supplyandadvise.com/products/indy-boot-natural-chromexcel-d3803h?variant=20524264900
come on! this is unbelievable !
Okay strike that.Here's the deal:Adam IS planning to do both. He hopes to take pre-orders based on the existing photos on the website of the Aberdeen last version, but also offer the Barrie last version for those customers who want it.Hope that helps clear things up.
I don't think Adam is ordering both - but I know for a fact that Adam is re-ordering this AOC-9 Style on the Barrie last this time around.
@MrDV - straight FIRE!
8/15 - $100 Price drop to $379 !
PSA: Alden of Carmel is re-ordering these beauties (AOC-9), but this time on the Barrie (first run was on Aberdeen). I'm loving these boots so I wanted to pass this on in case any other Alden bros wanted to get in. Contact Adam at AoC if you interested.
New Posts  All Forums: