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Nah, can't wear them just yet. They're just gonna accompany me in their box until 2016These arrived from the shoe mart in Nov 2014.
Finally took the Ravello WT Boots for their maiden voyage last night
13 months out of the year, I'm a boot manWhen I'm at my son's little league games in June in Indys and dark raw denim I get more looks than Bruce Jenner.
They appear to be the Ravello LWB done for the Ludlow Shop (J. Crew) from a few years back.
These are most excellent ! Congrats !
@chrisefi awesome ravello boots! @burzan those tobacco wt boots are looking better and better with wear !! @mdubs great shade of whiskey and great story to go along with them!
Thank you gents! I'm happy to have them back after a few year absence.
Maiden voyage I sold these but missed them and brought them back to the family.
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