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@zippyh - please be careful. Rumor is that color 4 shell is 1/2 the quality of color 8 (thus, color 4) and may fall apart at any second.
for any of you lucky gents who got the Citi Plaza NST boots, do you know if it has a flat welt or storm welt? Would LOVE to see some pix! Grazie.
Chris - I've seen you on IG - you have a trusting face. I'll send them down your way for a visit.
These were made by the shoe mart in 2012. We had a nice 3rd birthday party for them in the fall.
Here's an outside pic with no filters. Very close to true color.
4th day of the work week - color 4 booties.
Please post some pics!
I owned one pair of boots with a single sole. Single flex sole, to be more specific. I found the sole to be too thin for real city walking. Walking over some cobblestone streets I felt like I could actually feel the stones and their shapes on my feet. Maybe the flex sole was too flexible?I much prefer the robustness of a double sole.Anyone else have the same experience?
Black and Color 8 are the new Black. 4 years ago I had no black shell. Ignored it. Today I have 4 pair. Don't sleep on the beauty of black ! When was the last batch of Ravello or Whiskey we saw ? Seems like ages ago.
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