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13 months out of the year, I'm a boot manWhen I'm at my son's little league games in June in Indys and dark raw denim I get more looks than Bruce Jenner.
They appear to be the Ravello LWB done for the Ludlow Shop (J. Crew) from a few years back.
These are most excellent ! Congrats !
@chrisefi awesome ravello boots! @burzan those tobacco wt boots are looking better and better with wear !! @mdubs great shade of whiskey and great story to go along with them!
Thank you gents! I'm happy to have them back after a few year absence.
Maiden voyage I sold these but missed them and brought them back to the family.
maybe I do need 2 pair of these???
Thin out the collection. But don't part with these...they're awesome.
That's a great make up right there
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