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WinnPerry today
Great pics Dubs and superb NSTs!
I fell off the irregular list. Again. I'm starting to think my wife called and took me off.
looking very good!Where the heck is it 80 degrees today??
Since you're already buying US-made boots, why not compliment them with US-sourced denim, made in the USA? Levi's Vintage Clothing and Tellason come to mind. RRL also uses American denim (Cone Mills) and makes them in the USA. There are many other brands, but those are just a few that I've had success with.
looking damn good.
these pix of the Ravello NST are just awesome. Going to be a lot of strutting going on in March. Superb all around, gents.
@mdubs - those NSTs look great. Seems like every time you wear them they look brand new.
Congrats to all who got in on those Ravello NST boots. Those are top of the heat. Wow.
Thanks a lot fellas!Just wearing today I'm thinking the shade goes great with dark denim, and would work well with brown cords or charcoal khakis. You'll love them!
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