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What's most awesome about these boots is that I've seen Uncle Mac wear them for the past 4 years and they still look like they're practically brand new. Exemplary shoe care! Gorgeous boots Uncle.
perfect whiskey !
Thanks everyone for all the interest. The boots have been sold.
due to this the extreme lack of quality and total lack of confidence in Viberg, and Canada in general, I have decided that my 316 x Viberg olive chromepak boots have to go. (just kidding, total coincidence in timing)
Yes, 'tis the Sloat indeed.
Thanks dudes.Today was the maiden voyage and I can say with 100% certainty that these have been the most comfortable Aldens out of the box I have ever had.Hope I don't jinx myself but they're awesome.
'Love them all Dubs!
For your consideration: 3Sixteen teamed up with Viberg for their 10 year anniversary and produced these awesome Service Boots out of Horween's Olive Chromepak Leather. These were a very limited run and as far as I know, there is no Chromepak leather left and these boots will never be produced again. Black leather tongue. Original retail price was $720. This boot was shaped over the 2030 last which generally runs 1/2 size large. This size 10 fits a Brannock size 10.5...
Natty CXL
If my wife saw me put shoes on the bed she'd have my head.Brave man.
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