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Some random shots from this week. Have a great weekend ladies.
Perfection. You dudes who got these should be over the moon.Now go over the moon so I can take your 10Ds while you're not looking.
Great looking Tankers! Congrats!Those #8 Brixtons pre-orders are over the 1 year mark now. Bet we don't see them till the Spring.
If you have any spare time @totalair1 I highly recommend you check out the basement of the Alamo
Black tankers today. context clothing. Pull tabs removed.
Please do tell about ordering from Unipair. I've been tempted but Aldens are a bit expensive with the exchange rate and I'm unsure about ordering from Korea.Thanks
For your consideration: Alden x Brick & Mortar Seattle Reverse Tobacco Chamois Wingtip Boot in size 10D. Barrie Last. Made in the USA. Worn 8-10 times, estimated. VG+/Excellent condition! $600 at full retail ! Commando soles Last: Classic American "Barrie" Last If you’ve bought shoes from me in the past, you know that I take meticulous care of my shoes and you won’t be disappointed. Please know your size on the Barrie last as I cannot accept returns. (Barrie last...
Cody these are really great. What's the color in real life like? Looks to be a brown/black with some green undertones?Thanks
The Barrie actually works fine for me. I have boots and shoes on the barrie and for the most part I'm very happy with them. Once in a while I'll get a pair where the right foot is a little tight across the vamp, but its usually not an issue.I've just realized that on the weekends I reach for Indys and other casual boots on the Trubalance, so why keep a pair that isn't getting much love?
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