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Funny cuz it was your video that helped me over the fence on these!Never too much color 8!Those church hill Indys are so sweet. I slept on them and now my size is gone.
i really like your collection. A little of everything and some key models.
Thanks all for the kind words on the Indys!
Price drop to $599.
Color 8 Indys showed up about a month earlier than expected from TSM. They're a very dark color 8 but the finish and details are great. No blotchy dye spots like some of my other color 8 boots. 360 welt, commando and no speed hooks.
wow, these look perfect with a suit, as you wear them. Thanks for sharing this pic.
Indy 401 looks great. Its good seeing an Indy other than the usual colors.
A bad day was just made better by TSM notification of shipment of color 8 shell Indys. I've been waiting for their version: 360 welt, commando, and NO bloody speedhooks
yes, my cigar from A-SF had this
Holy Horse's rear-end, that is such perfection !WOW WOW WOWCongratulations!
New Posts  All Forums: