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I feel your pain. Same thing happened to me. But hey, at least you didn't a defective pair and be even more pissed.
For your consideration: Alden x Context Clothing NST "Tanker" boot in size 10D. Barrie Last. Made in the USA. Color 8 Shell Cordovan. $835 at full retail value ! Alden Low Profile Commando sole. Matched eyelets and speedhooks 360 degree Reverse Goodyear Welt VG+ condition (I estimate 10-12 wears). Polish never used. Only treated with Venetian Shoe Creme and horse-hair brushed. If you’ve bought shoes from me in the past, you know that I take meticulous care of my...
My favorite non shell Aldens would have to be the ultimate Indy from leather soul. I had mine spiced up with all brass eyelets.
Father daughter time at Dairy Queen
That CXL is looking great
Enjoy the first weekend of Autumn, Alden brothers. Stock model 3914.
Just wanted to give some good feedback for a new Alden retailer, GoldenBrogue. I’ve known Mack for a while now, meeting him when he did some great brass eyelet conversions for me last year. Happy to see him in his new shop, which is building a nice selection of Aldens. I picked up these new captoe plaza boots in burnished tan calf from Mack. Mack was a pleasure to transact with and I highly recommend giving him a look.
@mdubs great color on those whiskey indys!
That boot is being made in a burnished tan, which looks really nice, if you're looking for the ravello look. Check it out:http://www.brogueshop.com/store/p272/Alden_Cap_Toe_Boot.html
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