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They sent all their stock back to Alden.
For Alden fans in the NYC area – Sad News : Stapleton Shoe Corp. in the Wall Street District is closing their doors at the end of the month, after 65 years of serving the city. If you know the place, you know what a throwback it was walking in there. They sold a variety of dress shoes, but they did sell AE’s, and the stock Aldens, including many stock shell models. I loved going in there and chatting up the owners about the glory days of Alden, when they stocked all...
congrats! One of Alden's best, for sure.
Just wanted to give a double thumbs up to the Bureau, in case anyone is considering them. Ordered on Sunday, Shipped from Northern Ireland on Tuesday, on my door step Wed afternoon. Great customer service all around!
Killed it !
Agree on this. I've been on my feet sometimes for 12 hours, walking multiple miles and the neo cork with the footbalance heel is like heaven for my flat feet. For comfort, I'd pay double for a pair of trubalance boots with cork & Thomas heels over a shell boot with just double leather.GASP.HERESEY.
Feeling festive yesterday with my favorite Tankers from Yenni (2013)
They only put them back on the last for a week. No replacement of soles. I had to send them back twice but it seems to have worked. Alden sent me a nice letter back with the boots saying that if they still didn't fit, then please let them know. I had Context Clothing contact Alden the second time to get some added muscle behind the process.
Its too bad you had to let them go. I have black tankers that fit a lot snugger than my usual barrie size. I sent them back to Alden twice. They admitted that they were smaller than their marked size. They put the boots back on the last for a week and that seems to have opened them up a bit.
Yenni has graciously agreed to run a boot I've had in my mind for a while now: Brown Scotch Grain NST Boot Plaza Last 360 flat welt All eyelets Double Leather Waterloc sole We're calling it the "Sasso Boot", a fitting name given that Sasso is close to my last name and a "sasso" in Italian is a stone, or a pebble. Just confirmed last week by the good folks in Mass.
New Posts  All Forums: