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What a great deal - someone should jump on these!
Wishing all Alden brethren a happy thanksgiving ! Tues and Wed of this week. Ravello wt boot and cigar cap toe boot.
Now that's one heck of a boot Mac
these are beauts! If they were a 10D I'd lift them!
Looking great!
exactly ! This boot looks proper with both denim and a suit!Proper! Whatcha Say, Hammer? Proper !
Regarding the talk on grails and color 4…Being in the Alden game for a bit, I’ve been lucky enough to find most of my grails (some of which weren't so exotic) over the years. I’ve also been foolish enough to sell some of those grails, in chase of the new sexy models that pop up.In more than a few cases, I’ve actually gone and re-bought pairs that I sold previously parted with. Some of these re-buys are models that aren’t even that hard to come by (color 8 WT Boot on the...
You forgot the step of lining the bottom with saran wrap as to not dirty the sole at all.Tifosi taught me that step.
I would agree. For me, it's hard to pick a number 1, but it would be in my all time top 3 favorites (those 3 have no order, just top 3)And to think I sold it once.Never again!
What good are boots if you can't lock them up in an alarmed display case in on your night stand with a laser trip wire when you enter the room?
New Posts  All Forums: