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Here are some recent shots of the color 4 captoes
havent seen this in the wild in ages. Love it ! Looking great!
@mdubs those number 2s are very unique. Wear them more often !
In the 90's and early 2000s I used to make yearly trips to Italy with an empty suitcase and return with Italian shoes galore. The $ was strong and life was good. Proud nephew here. Much respect to Uncle Mac.
re: Ravello from JettasyAs I said gentlemen, from J. Crew.
damn I love these boots !
Kulah 8 in da jersey morning sun
Nah, can't wear them just yet. They're just gonna accompany me in their box until 2016These arrived from the shoe mart in Nov 2014.
Finally took the Ravello WT Boots for their maiden voyage last night
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