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Interesting look .... I like it
Great deal on these!
Stellar. Love these !Wasn't me but good to know I'm not the only oddball walking the streets on NY checking out other dude's feet.
great choice ! love this indy!
@tifosi - Looking awesome !!! What a great addition.
Thank you kindly!
Thank you! And you as well sir with those #8 Killers!
[[SPOILER]] BLACK SHELL!!!!Saz - what last are these on?These are Plaza
I remember the limited run of these from a few years back. Its an interesting model - all eyelets, but it has less eyelets than a usual all-eyelet Alden boot. I think a normal Alden boot would have 9 eyelets and this looks like it has 6.Anyone ever seen that before on an Alden boot?
Thanks for the black shell help gentlemen! Appreciate that ! Made me break out my black shell today Have a great day all !
New Posts  All Forums: