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Thanks all for the useful info on Welts!
Nice! Looking sharp!Color on these is awesome! Nice score.Thank you kindly.
Looking so good. Natty CXL is great ager.Now that's how you do it.
I took a detailed look through this thread last night. Wow, the designs are just awesome. Great inspiration. One question that I had, if someone could please educate me: - I see that people were choosing different colors for the welts. On a flat/closed welt shoe is this really noticeable? I looked at many of the pix but couldn't see any difference. Thanks!
the welfare line, most likely !
Mike- this is an awesome thread. Thank you for organizing and keeping this updated!I do not thank you, however, for likely making me spend more money.
You know how this works...you either gotta love 'em, or let 'em go. If you don't love 'em, you'll be reaching for other shoes and these will become expensive dust collectors.
Thanks buddy
This batch of whiskey looks pretty light. The spread between this "new" whiskey and "new" ravello is quite wide.
I've been in and out of a bunch of AE's but the calf Strand remains my favorite, even above my shell Strands
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