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it aint easy being green but I say go for it!!
snuff daddy Have a great weekend gents
Love it. Great combo !What kind of denim?
For your consideration: Alden's classic Color 8 Shell Cordovan Cap Toe boots, on the sleek Plaza last, with commando soles. Size 10.5D. I'd rate these as Very Good condition. There are some signs of wear: 1. There is some chipped paint on 2 speed hooks (see pix) 2. Right boot has some signs of wear on the toe portion of the rubber commando sole 3. Some small nicks near the toes, as seen in the pix. These can be easily covered with a small amount of burgundy wax polish,...
Black naval today - not sure what happened to my legs
Sunday casual yesterday - RRL selvedge
They went to the Bay....
Viberg x Leffot
\\Thanks dudes!
I've been slacking in getting my pix up. Here's a favorite shoutout to @donL !
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