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They came in and they are both wonderful. I am breaking in the blue pair and I wore the white yesterday with my suede Alden chukkas. I love em and they will feel much better after they soften up.
The second pair is also Naked & Famous natural indigo selvedge
Yea, I tried on a pair to test it. I think they will fit. I am a 33 in A.P.C. So I bought one in 33 and one in 34
N&F from Barneys warehouse, still some left.
Thanks, I will. Barneys still has several sizes left for $59. I also bought these:
They are white/black selvedge
Just purchased these from barneys warehouse for a good price.
I picked up a pair as well, hope I don't regret it.
Thanks, I will save myself the trip.
You referring to the NYC warehouse sale?
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