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I would love to buy another SS suit but the sleeve length is still a problem. I have long arms (37inch) and they longest they go is 36.1 unless I have it altered, which looks really bad with the working sleeves.
I ordered a Navy stark from END but cancelled before shipping, got a refund but they shipped it anyway and have no record about it. Weird. I gotta return it.
Love your style @VictorSFreturn truly an inspiration!
Anyone purchased the Havana Jacket? http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jackets/havana-navy-plain/C848I.html?start=1&cgid=Jackets Can you comment on the quality and feel?
I was asking the same question last week. I have purchased 8 suits from English American but Elio has retired and you will now be dealing directly with Tom James corp for suits. I would like to look for other options.
Anyone willing to proxy from Netherlands to USA? Looking to buy a blazer.
Thanks, I thought Fields were more in the $3,000 range?
Hello all, Since Elio from English American has retired I am trying to find a good source for MTM in the DC area. I have searched previous post but many are quite old. I have purchased 8 suits from E/A and I love them all but I want to find another source in the area. Do you have any recommendations. I am looking in the $1,000 – $1500 range?
I signed up for the Truck show in April for Washington, DC. Is it worth it?
I would love to be able to find a proxy to order a few suits. The prices are tempting.
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