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I love the super fast shipping of suit supply, I ordered yesterday and its coming today.
I bought the same Havana, a bit larger than my norm but SS suits are typically overly slim anyway so I may need a few adjustments.
I agree, with the shipping and proxy fee a jacket at 99 euros becomes almost 200 dollars. I will wait for the US outlet.
Has anyone actually purchased a suit from these guys? Any fit pics? I see more adverts from them than anything.
Does Grand Tailor also have an office in New York?
I don't see the ACE Denim, did I miss it for 50?
My first pair of LHS
Nothing worth it for me this time around. Was hoping for a nice navy wool blazer. Oh well
Just made an impulse buy. Wallet is hurting....
Hello Riton, can you please add me to your list? I am also interested in a suit that just appeared on suitsupply. Can I pm you?
New Posts  All Forums: