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My new Drake's purchases:
Just bought these Drake's
I just put in an order two days ago for a Lustrous Fine white shirt and I just received an email that the shirt has shipped! Very fast, but I am a bit skeptical. I will wait and see.
Most are now gone from the Barney's sale.
Please stop in the Washington, DC Area
I just placed an order for a plain white with italian collar, what would my wait time be?
When do you think you will have prices? I was hoping to order 2 shirts I need by July 1st
If I order two dress shirts what are my odds of receiving them before July 1st?
Will you have in 40L
Had my first fitting today at the trunk show in DC. Very nice experience. I ordered a 2 button suit, birdseye 110s in grey as my first with them.
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