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My first pair of LHS
Nothing worth it for me this time around. Was hoping for a nice navy wool blazer. Oh well
Just made an impulse buy. Wallet is hurting....
Hello Riton, can you please add me to your list? I am also interested in a suit that just appeared on suitsupply. Can I pm you?
Hello, Are you still providing this service?
Just wondering.
This suit is labeled as a Fall/Winter suit but do you think this will work well year round? http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/washington-brown-plain/P4753I.html?cgid=Suits&prefn1=jacketType&prefv1=Peak%20Lapel
I wish their sleeve lengths were more consistent. I purchased a double breasted suit from the outlet last year that had a perfect sleeve length for me at 35.9" (Size 42L). But the only Style suits with the same length are the Napoli line.
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