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I'll be sure to post pictures.
I always thought I would be someone who at least semi-regularly washed his denim. I always thought the idea of waiting six months to wash jeans was crazy. Wouldn't you know it, it ends up that I've never washed any pair of raw denim I've ever bought. Related to that, I've got a pair of APC Rescues that I bought 2 years and 4 months ago and have never been washed. In fairness, I didn't have them in heavy rotation by the first year. However, I've worn them very...
Cary, I hate you - couldn't resist pulling the trigger.
I found very little in the way of clothing in BA. I bought one belt from a street vendor that has held up surprisingly well and is very stylish if I must say so myself. Go for steak. La Cabrera is the place but there are a million decent steak houses.
That's too bad - I love their deconstructed look. I bought some from you at least This label is extremely difficult to source, but admittedly it is extremely expensive.
Go see a doctor. I suffer from moderate tinnitus, which is annoying to say the least. However, I actually have better than normal hearing. I was recently tested. Weird, since normally tinnitus is associated with hearing loss. Definitely get checked out.
Did Hejfina drop Comme des Garcons shirt? I don't them online anymore and haven't been in the store for a while.
Any shopping recommendations in Madrid? I'm especially interested in local designers I should check out and where their stuff can be found. With the exchange rates being what they are, I'm not looking for anything that's available in the US. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 Stick around man, and in a very short time you'll be dropping twice that on a very good pair, without even batting an eyelash. Ain't that the truth. I was actually on track to phase jeans completely out of my wardrobe, then I started spending time here and not just in the trad section, next thing you know LAGuy comes out with a new top 10 list and I've already got four of 'em
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