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Man, you guys are ruthless. I say cut it short and I agree with the above poster that you need to pluck your unibrow. I would also say that you look better without glasses and shaven. And I hope that you've updated your wardrobe since those pics were taken. If not, you need to spend a lot more time reading the style sections of this website. Edit: And don't highlight your hair, it's not for you...
Nice site akatsuki, thanks. Here is one video from the site that discusses hips/pelvis:
Yeah, those are the ones that I do as well. They have actually helped me though. Do you put the foam roller underneath you when you lay down and bring your knee toward your chest?
Spirulina, Fish Oil, Maca, Ashwagandha, ZMA
Yeah grow it out until it's like 3 inches long on the top, then go to a stylist and get it really short on the sides/back and textured (keeping it long) on the front. He may get it cut with a razor on the top too, not scissors.
You're balding, so it looks better shorter for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben Interesting. My hairline used to be an upside-down "U" shape, but as I've aged (mid 20s now) it's a little more upside-down "W" shaped. I don;t think I'm going bald all over, but it's like my hairline has changed, and I've noticed the same on most all of my friends. Is that what this is? Yeah, I guess your situation could either be a mature hairline, as mentioned in the article, or it could be the...
OK Den is obviously a spammer, probably shouldn't click on his link. Thanks for the help everyone
Quote: Originally Posted by D Yizz Exactly. 10 pills per strip and the price decreases when you buy more. Cool, thanks. I think I'm going to start taking this. Just one more question - I've never ordered anything from these pharmacy sites and I live in the US. Should I be concerned about any illegalities with this? How risky is ordering from this site?
Quote: Originally Posted by D Yizz I get Finpecia at Maybe I'm an idiot, but I can't figure out how many pills come on one "strip." Is it ten pills per strip, and then the price per strip decreases as you order more?
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