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Agreed, genius about the show is that even though there are some lackluster filler episodes i.e. Chang's cop story, they always balance out with creative and smart stories too.I'm starting to become a mega geek and enjoy reading the fan boards. Here's an awesome reflective article about this past episode's themes:http://www.slashfilm.com/philosophy-film-television-narrative-nbcs-community-shatters-boundaries-reality-fiction/Interesting thing to note from the article, this...
Agreed on the detail. I rewatch episodes just to catch things I haven't seen before. And yeah some episodes aren't as good as others, but most episodes have gave me a LOL moment and not many sitcoms can do that for me. So Community standards are definitely heads and shoulders above everyone else imho.Yup, and Jeff was quoting a line the bio teacher (Michael Williams) had said. So I guess there is that direct reference. Also, Abed made a Wire reference in one episode a...
Gotta bump the thread for Season 3. Annie and Britta looking hot as always. Anyone heard rumors that this show may get cancelled? Numbers are slipping which is a damn shame, since this is the funniest show on TV right now (way better than Big Bang Theory!) Can't believe that Whitney is doing better than Community. Just hoping they can make it to at least 4 seasons.
6'1" 180lbs, was 155lb when I started training a year and a half ago. But now I have reached a plateau and have been stuck for a few months. Will be starting another winter bulk soon and try to gain up to 190 and lean back to a 10% maintenance bf. Ultimate goal is to reach 200lbs at a 8%bf which will probably take a few more mini bulks and cuts.
Interested, PMed.
Picked up 3 summer color slim fit polos for under $90 with the code.
Selling a pair of "New Old Stock" Allen Edmonds Winthrop Driving Loafers in size 10D. These are in the discontinued Chili color which is unfortunate because it is a very handsome color and provides a rich, mahogany shade to it (unlike the current Tan and Dark Brown colors). I have personally called the AE Shoebank and there are no more new Winthrop models in this color in the entire company, so this is the last of its kind. Only reason I am selling is because it's a bit...
J. Press 3/2 roll Navy Blazer with Gold Buttons. Size 42R Measurements: p2p (stretched out fabric) 22.75" shoulder 18.75" sleeve 25.5" length (from bottom of collar) 30.75" There is a minor defect at the top of the jacket. CONUS and Paypal please. $75 or best offer.
Ralph Lauren Dark Brown Leather Belt, sz 36, 1.25" width LL Bean Light Brown Leather Grain Belt, sz 36, 1" width, Made in USA Take both for $15 including s/h.....a very good steal. The RL belt retails for over $40 and the LL Bean belt for $30. CONUS and Paypal please. Ask me any questions.
It's cool man. And even I admit that prep is always associated to the douchebag rich kid. But don't let Hollywood stereotypes sink in too much. Think about urban guys who wear hip hop clothing, are they all gangsters? Nope. It can also be subjective to location....I live in the south where prep is the norm. Seriously, everyone here wears Sperry boat shoes and it is not uncommon to see brightly colored shorts. Frat guys, etc. can take it to an extreme but for the most part...
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