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I could be wrong, but to be a CEO of a hospital or at least a large sized hospital, you'd probably need a medical related degree and background as well (MD, PharmD, RN, etc).
I'd look into anything healthcare, I feel its among the safest investments. Medical health supply stores or delivering oxygen tanks for example. First of the baby boomers are turning 65 this year. Gonna be a lot of old people retiring and getting sick.
I just started visiting again regularly yesterday since the changeover. Much like what's been said, the new design is not as user-friendly. Everything seems bigger designwise, such as the sidebar, which makes it hard to focus on the details. The B&S section is better though and kinda looks like eBay. Just got to wait for the traffic to increase again...I've noticed too that it's slower than it has been. Maybe they should've grouped posts into shirts, shoes, etc. instead of...
Same here and I like how LE is very affordable, have great customer support, and usually free shipping or found at Sears. I used to love J.Crew but they've marked up considerably and their styling has gone too "hipersterish" for my tastes. Gap and Target is not bad for the basics either.
I just got one of those easy wooden foldable tables from Target for my barcart. I'll be Don Draper in no time!
Yves Saint Laurent Navy Blazer 37R. 3/2 buttons. Side Vents. 100% wool. Heavier fabric, good for 3 seasons. "YSL" logo pattern on the inner lining. No holes or tears. CONUS and Paypal please. $60 p2p 21" (stretched out fabric...it is a normal fitting 37R) waist 19" sleeve 25" shoulder 18.5" length (from bottom of collar) 30.5"
Price drop!
Not to derail OP's thread, but to quote the ^ message what is the take on the Ideapad? As good as a thinkpad?
I am selling my Persol 2759 S polarized sunglasses. No major scratches and looks great and shiny. I do not have the case. Size 55-17-140  $80 -> $70 shipped. Paypal please.
Black Fleece White and Blue sold pending payment. (Received a lot of interest and went by the first person to make the highest offer on each) Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: