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Yves Saint Laurent Navy Blazer 37R. 3/2 buttons. Side Vents. 100% wool. Heavier fabric, good for 3 seasons. "YSL" logo pattern on the inner lining. No holes or tears. CONUS and Paypal please. $60 p2p 21" (stretched out fabric...it is a normal fitting 37R) waist 19" sleeve 25" shoulder 18.5" length (from bottom of collar) 30.5"
Price drop!
Not to derail OP's thread, but to quote the ^ message what is the take on the Ideapad? As good as a thinkpad?
I am selling my Persol 2759 S polarized sunglasses. No major scratches and looks great and shiny. I do not have the case. Size 55-17-140  $80 -> $70 shipped. Paypal please.
Black Fleece White and Blue sold pending payment. (Received a lot of interest and went by the first person to make the highest offer on each) Thanks!
Prices include s/h. Please use Paypal. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece light blue OCBD, size 02 which is 15.5x34. Fits like BB Extra Slim. This is completely new and unworn but no tags. No other defects. SOLD BBBF white OCBD, size 02. NWT. No defects except for X on tag. SOLD BB red university stripe OCBD slim fit. 15 x 34. Owned for a year minimal wear. No defects. SOLD PENDING Lacoste dark purple Polo sz 5 which correlates to a Medium. NWT and no...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Why is NYU on this list? Had the same gripe with Ohio State. Surprised to not see some schools on there, such as Ole Miss. But understandably they're reaching for the alumni and fanbase than actual "preppiness" of a school. Quote: Originally Posted by JustChris Funniest line in the whole Gawker article: "Get a football team that's not a fucking embarrassment, Yale. Then you'll get...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace_Face Yeah, I've seen how those guys dress: ^This guy just won the internet. Deserved repeating.
Wow didn't really think about that before but its true, every one of those loud, colorful graphics are synonymous to the 1990s to me (90s kid here). I remember a field trip to a nature museum in the 3rd or 4th grade and they had those kinds of graphics all over the wall along with human anatomy pictures. Funny how each decade had its own styling. What kinds of aesthetics does the 2000s have? Ipod-like designs and vintage tees?
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design Ask about the MTO Suiting Essentials. Half canvassed and selected from a number of fabrics and all 4 fits, and the jackets and pants are sized separately, around 600 full price IIRC. $600? I will look into that, thank you! Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon You have a drop of 11. I really don't think your a 32 waist. I am 6'1" 175lbs with around a 11% bf. I wear a 32...
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