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Dean Jeff was amazing, loved how he got all of Dean Craig's mannerisms (especially when he walked out as Pierce called for him, Jeff did that "Dean wave"). I'm glad they had a Dean Craig - centric story now that he is officially part of the main cast. The actor is amazing and is a natural comedic talent and everyone on the show set loves him. No Community again this week for the Thanksgiving break. 2 more episodes this year then the mid season break looms on the near...
Guess Jeff doesn't surf the SF...bootcuts went out a while ago!Very mad about this, and it has kind of depressed my night. Really hope this does not foreshadow NBC canceling it. NBC is really dropping the ball on their stuff...Whitney? Conan? Now removing one of their best shows off air?
Haha that was awesome.Looking forward to tonight's episode! Wonder if they are setting up for another Annie and Troy potential, especially since Troy is becoming a larger part of the story this year.
So glad I helped talk my brother out of law school, he dropped out after his 1L year from a low ranked school, and is now going into a completely different field. Think I saved him 2 years of his life and thousands of loan dollars. Do the right thing and go into the medical field OP. Same amount of studying, but at least you'll have a bigger chance of getting hired somewhere with more money lol
Agreed, genius about the show is that even though there are some lackluster filler episodes i.e. Chang's cop story, they always balance out with creative and smart stories too.I'm starting to become a mega geek and enjoy reading the fan boards. Here's an awesome reflective article about this past episode's themes:http://www.slashfilm.com/philosophy-film-television-narrative-nbcs-community-shatters-boundaries-reality-fiction/Interesting thing to note from the article, this...
Agreed on the detail. I rewatch episodes just to catch things I haven't seen before. And yeah some episodes aren't as good as others, but most episodes have gave me a LOL moment and not many sitcoms can do that for me. So Community standards are definitely heads and shoulders above everyone else imho.Yup, and Jeff was quoting a line the bio teacher (Michael Williams) had said. So I guess there is that direct reference. Also, Abed made a Wire reference in one episode a...
Gotta bump the thread for Season 3. Annie and Britta looking hot as always. Anyone heard rumors that this show may get cancelled? Numbers are slipping which is a damn shame, since this is the funniest show on TV right now (way better than Big Bang Theory!) Can't believe that Whitney is doing better than Community. Just hoping they can make it to at least 4 seasons.
6'1" 180lbs, was 155lb when I started training a year and a half ago. But now I have reached a plateau and have been stuck for a few months. Will be starting another winter bulk soon and try to gain up to 190 and lean back to a 10% maintenance bf. Ultimate goal is to reach 200lbs at a 8%bf which will probably take a few more mini bulks and cuts.
Interested, PMed.
Picked up 3 summer color slim fit polos for under $90 with the code.
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