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I do like RL's 2010 campaign videos and I wished they made more. The soundtrack empowers the imagery very well. Like others have said, it is a false aesthetic (i.e. playing tennis in a trench coat?) but provides a sense of luxury and power. Which is the point of the campaign.
PMed a question. Thanks.
Cheers mate
I used to be a Hanes guy like anyone else, but I've been stocked up on CK from my local Nordstrom Rack. Mostly the all black solids trunks. I figure CK is the male equivalence to Victoria's Secret (since underwear equates to sexual appeal in my book) and should upgrade from the boring Hanes. And the thick waistbands are comfy. Always get 100% cotton. Bought a few form fitting CK with 5% elastane and they suck.
I only have one suit (BB Fitz navy...which actually looks black in most light...) but agree with the sentiment that navy is the staple color for the first suit. Navy > charcoal . I do have 3 navy blazers though.
Do you think its possible to tailor the Barbour Liddesdale quilted jacket? The large fits me well in the chest but is very big everywhere else. Think its possible to take the sides and sleeves in? And this is for the regular version....I am aware they have a fitted version but the one I am looking at is the regular.
I searched your username with a few key words and have not found a definitive answer. Ebay? Please don't make me search more haha.
Casino Royale is one of my top sartorial films. Quantum of Solace is related by default I guess, love the style in both films (the navy cardigan and Tom Ford clothing)edit: Craig's Bond and ^^^Inception are my favorites for modern style.
He was definitely going to charge me for the hem and waist but it was probably because I was going -3 inches. But regardless I went to another tailor since I need my suit within the week and the BB tailor was backed up.BTW is the suit navy suppose to look black? It's a very dark hue and at first I thought it was the wrong color, but the packaging confirmed it was indeed navy.
OP clearly you are just going to have to post pictures of yourself wearing those measurements to prove your 12" drop I have a 10" drop due to weightlifting and consider myself relatively small. I can see how 12+" is reasonable for a former college athlete. Also, and this is purely out of curiosity, why assume that he wears his pants too low? I thought hips would be wider, not smaller? Or perhaps my squat butt is larger than usual haha.
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