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Thank you everyone once again for the input. JilSlander, I will PM you my idea and would love to hear your thoughts about it.
VinnyMac and Teger, I will send you a PM if you are kind enough to read it. Thank you for the feedback. I am proceeding with great caution in these preliminary stages. Just testing the waters and asking from those who know more than me. edit: I can go into specifics in my PMs, I am sure it is understood that I don't want all of my ideas disclosed freely in an open thread. Thank you.
I actually am moving in with my parents due to an unrelated life change. I just quit a part time job but will look for another soon, and am also on working with monetizing my blog for passive income. Most of my capital however will be sourced from a small amount of inheritance left to me.Does anyone have experience with the business side of the fashion industry? Perhaps a smaller, grass roots company? My niche will be amongst the "Heritage / Americana" brands.
Indeed, and that is what drives me towards actually putting my idea into action. Having a chance of becoming successful based on working for yourself and something that you believe in is an exhilarating thought. The things holding me back are the "Ifs Ands & Buts" -kind of excuses and the fact I'm still a student with no real positive income. A legitimate reason I am sure, but still just an excuse.Thank you.
It's an idea I've been tinkering about for a while now. I've had an inclination for clothing, I am young and can afford [some] mistakes, and would love to be an entrepreneur. But I am a student and am in the negative with debt. Still, the itch grows and grows and time is money, no? I look at guys like Kent Wang and Allen Stephenson (the latter not being the most fashionable, but rather successful) who chased after a dream and I keep thinking, why not me? No idea how to...
Corporate Sale 30% off on May 22nd? Yup jumping on that! Perhaps its been answered, but when does the Annual Summer Sale start? Usually late June right?
Thanks for your reply. I may try to cold wash and stretch, hopefully that'll give me more breathing room
I see that the raw Nash will stretch out, but does anyone have any experience in the Alexander rinsed work fit stretching out at all? The same model poster Selvedged was selling in the B/S section. I bought a pair in my waist size but its very tight in the seat and thighs (I work out legs and have larger legs than most). It's basically skin tight....any way they will stretch out over time?
Purchased the Westchester from OP, happy customer.
Thank you good sir, I did not even consider the British brands as I thought they'd be well out of my price range, but it appears the Loake Kemptons is slightly over $200 USD VAT.Do you know if they hold up well in the rain?
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