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Are alterations usually free? Hmm I wonder if the SA I talked with was pulling my chain. Their on-site tailor was charging me for the hem, sleeves, waist, etc and for what seemed very expensive. I ended up going to my usual tailor instead.
Question: Picked up the Sterlingwear Authentic and sized down a chest size for a slimmer fit. Everything looks great but I hate the boxy shoulders. Anyone had the shoulder pads removed? How did it turn out?
I also find the Regent to be slimmer than the Fitz, but alas they don't make solid colors for the Regent! Shame too, since I prefer side vents to the Ftiz's center vent but I needed a solid navy suit more.
Did you get an odd size or a less popular model? I know BB raised the prices of the shirts recently but I always thought the solid 2 button Fitz suits only got as low as ~$500 ($550 after s/h and tax) But not sure about the final word. Anyone care to elaborate on if the suits do get cheaper? Because I'll return my purchase and wait if it does...
For anyone interested, still lots of Fitzgerald solid color suit sizes left. Ordered a navy for $555.98 including s/h and tax with the 30% + 20%.
Is this extra 20% off for corporate members only or is it for anyone who walks in?
Cool, so I'll stick with the 2gb plan since I don't foresee streaming video and music a lot outside WiFi. Any thoughts on if its worth waiting for the next iPhone? Supposedly it should have 4g capability and I'm not in a huge hurry.
Figured I'd post this here. Never had a smart phone (yes still have an archaic flip phone) and decided I shouldn't be the only college kid without a touchscreen anymore. I am leaning iPhone but Verizon is holding a 4gb data plan for the price of their regular 2gb plan for their Droid phones. Should I go for this plan and get a Droid? I will be sticking with Verizon regardless. (One thing I really care about is size... hate stuff in my pockets and iPhones are usually...
When would be the best time to buy a suit, either the 1818 or Suiting Essentials? The sale after Christmas? And does anyone know how much Suiting Essentials would be on sale? (I wear an athletic 43R and 32 waist and am debating between SE or 1818 for my high drop size)
It was a flashback to something Alison Brie had already done, a Santa Baby sketch. Even used the same Betty Boop line (minus the sex! part, which btw was hilariously done) I loved it and it was suppose to be over the top. But Abed and Troy's rap video was my favorite! Loved the whole episode and found the ending to be very special to us fans. Jeff was smiling directly at us just as "See you after Regionals" was sung.
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