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Football, Guitar Hero, excessive Facebook usage...from a college guy's perspective.
+1 on the NATO strap. Is it 18mm? Was thinking of getting one from gnomonwatches but its out of 18mm at this moment.
Thanks for all of these great tips. Hiring a friend sounds logical, and I do have a cousin who's worked on computers but I don't know the extent of his programming skills. Elance.com looks like a great site and I'll definitely have to look at it further. Are scripts the "stuff" that run a website and its features (noob question I'm sure). Because I have a feeling what I want is probably already out there, since it's a mixture of blogger and forum- type messaging. So...
I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but as a upcoming full time grad student, I don't have enough side time nor enough money. Naturally, I'm thinking the internet is the way to go even though it is extremely lucrative. Problem is, I am not like the guys behind Facebook and APlentyofFish because I have zero programming and computer knowledge, outside running a personal blog. I have an idea that could be successful; it would be built on a forum-type platform and be...
Quote: Originally Posted by KBW I eat alone quite often. My fiancee is in school several hours away and I don't really have time to meet new friends here (I'm in grad school, help run a company, and do some work as a CPA). I eat at the bar whenever possible and often end up having a nice conversation...I was even propositioned for a date by a very attractive bartender once for that evening and almost said yes but my fiancee was out of the country and I...
Just bought some weejuns. No further help needed!
My Hamilton Khaki Field watch. Perfect for casual/beater use and wear it almost everyday. This is my first "real" watch and plan to add more to my collection in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by why I picked a popcorn tub out of the garbage in front of the theatre and brought it to the concession stand for a free refill. Beat that. ROFL
I am looking for an American styled, dark brown Penny Loafer with no tassels in size 10 medium. Can be used but not needed to be resoled. Can be cordovan or regular leather. Preferably from Bass Weejuns, Sebago, AE, etc. and made in USA. $50>
This may have been mentioned already, but you can find some great deals in the Sales Corner of Timezone.com. Someone is always selling an Omega (not necessarily Planet Ocean, but you may find something that'll catch your eye and save you a lot of money)
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