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I found a slim blue dress shirt for $1.50 at a thrift store today and another one last month. Ebay is cool too for some good deals, if you don't mind them being used. For $50 or lower, BB is a good deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection Those are both nice. I would suggest the second one though. The ones that are slightly larger are slightly more sylish but you want something more classic than stylish I believe. As for the no logos, I agree, if there is a great big logo on it, youre basically paying for that and not the quality and style of the frame. I have a few pairs that I am going to put up for sale soon that you might be interested in,...
Hey CityConnection, I'm about to be a grad student and want a classic look without the danger of trying too hard. I like the 50s-60s ivy style and am looking at these specifically: http://www.eyebuydirect.com/plastic-...wn-p-2131.html http://www.eyebuydirect.com/plastic-...ck-p-2130.html They're well within my budget (<$100) and don't have any frivolous logos, which I like. Thoughts or suggestions for other sites/brands?
Anyone have any experience with Lands End Custom shirts? I recently tried out their updated slim fit and was disappointed by the generous amount of fabric left in the sleeves.
That's delicious.
^Not bad, but very modern for my taste. So the deal with the Volvo described in my original post fell through, but I have found 2 other good prospects within my limited price range: a 2003 Volvo V70 (which has a good consensus as discussed) and a 2003 Saab 9-5 wagon. The Volvo is about $2000 more than the Saab, but has less mileage. Both are private owned and appear to look good. So I know now that the V70 is reliable, but how about the Saab? They have always had a bad...
Thanks all for the input. It is a 2.4L engine, and at 81k miles. I'm going to the dealer tomorrow and checking it out by a Volvo mechanic. I'll keep the belt and pump in mind.
Thanks for the replys. I'll run by the dealer tomorrow and inspect the car with my mechanic. If it checks out, I'll make an offer. Btw, what kind of gas do you put in it? They recommend premium but I want to see if I can get away with regular.
Anyone know about this car? I found a really good deal with low mileage and just trying to do some research. I heard that the '99-'00 models were lemons, but not sure about 2002.
I thought the "fratty" look of red shorts and OCBD was appropriate for my age since I am also in college, but I ended up taking the advice and wearing the button down shirt and blue chinos. Please excuse my lack of details; the graduation was for a small state school in the American southeast. My attire may be considered casual by some people here, but I assure you that I was probably among the best dressed (seeing plenty of tshirts, flip flops, and yes- shorts). Yes...
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