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If you're gonna get cargo shorts, you might as well get some military-issue ones from a surplus store. At least they have the true purpose and function.
Read and loved them all, but I also grew up in the mania. I predicted Emma Watson's hotness at age 12 (Don't worry I'm a year older...)
The OP probably won't like my suggestion, but as a fellow and poorer college student, I picked up a 2000 Ford SE wagon off of Craigslist for $3800 at 90k and at damn near perfect condition. Drives like my gf's newer model Corolla but the parts and insurance are hella cheap and descent on gas too. There are reports of some problems with this model and year, but just like any car, it depends a lot on the past owner and how the car was kept. My Ford should last me at least...
That's good to hear, as I've always though Barbours were too thin to have any use for cold weather. Do you have a particular model that you'd recommend? I've heard the Barbour Beaufort was a good starter.
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell Barbour too old man/rural for you? Wax cotton + liner makes for a great all-weather coat, for $350 from the UK. Heard great things about Barbour (Ask Andy folks love em) but how warm do they with the liner?
I'm starting to look for winter coats also. Thinking of getting a JCrew university or car coat with thinsulate during the winter sale (long time from now).
^Absolutely not. Spend some more time here and do a search in the "Mens Clothing" forum, and you'll find out that Calvin Klein shoes are to be avoided. There are so many better shoes to be had for any amount of money. For your first pair of dress shoes, I'd suggest cap toe oxfords from Allen Edmonds (a SF approved brand for modestly-priced shoes). Slip Ons are not proper dress shoes.
Football, Guitar Hero, excessive Facebook usage...from a college guy's perspective.
+1 on the NATO strap. Is it 18mm? Was thinking of getting one from gnomonwatches but its out of 18mm at this moment.
Thanks for all of these great tips. Hiring a friend sounds logical, and I do have a cousin who's worked on computers but I don't know the extent of his programming skills. Elance.com looks like a great site and I'll definitely have to look at it further. Are scripts the "stuff" that run a website and its features (noob question I'm sure). Because I have a feeling what I want is probably already out there, since it's a mixture of blogger and forum- type messaging. So...
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