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Buy one get one free today. A BB white dress shirt, a JosBank pink OCBD, a vintage Yale Co Op repp tie (love this find) and a random Hilfiger tie since it came free. All for less than $5.
To OP, try looking at a local hospital for a PRN ("as needed") position. I work as a pharmacy technician 2 alternating weekends a month and get paid $12+ an hour...that's probably not alot in NYC but its pretty good money here for daily spending and gas money. Also great hours since my shift is during the weekends and that allows me time for college. Downside is you'll probably have to be at least 18 years old and may get a professional license for whatever you may be...
Working Saturday and Sunday from 6:00-2:30. In bed early for next morning, no fireworks for me.
This is great news for me as I actually like the must-ironed shirts and am a fairly slim guy. Are they going to offer it in on the website or just in certain stores? +1 on the 15-33 slim fit. I usually wear a 15.5 but for some reason it is overly large. I found a 15-33 at a thrift and was surprised how slim it was compared to my regular neck size. It's now one of my favorite shirts even it if feel a bit tight around my neck.
Had great transactions from Teger (seller) and Jayhawk1412 (customer). Thanks.
Price Drop!
What are your comments on matching glasses color with hair/skin tone? Is this a must? i.e. Black frames for black hair.
The JCrew pants are sold!
I'm full Filipino but raised stateside, so I've been eating Filipino food for my whole life. Our stuff is not really that gruesome to look at compared to other Asian foods, but for some reason my white friends and girlfriends squirm at the idea of some of the stuff I eat, even though I consider them not at all repulsive to the layman (i.e. pork in a cabbage soup, beef oxtails, fish served with the head actually on)
Lion King when the father dies, but I was like 7. Another one I can think of is Big Fish.
New Posts  All Forums: