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Curious do you have the Mastercard or the regular credit card? I have the latter.
Summer Sale started tonight (June 19th). And of course my Brooks Bros. Credit Card does not seem to work. Apparently Synchrony Bank was acquired by Citibank effective....June 19th. So when I tried to checkout online, it did not recognize my information as it normally does. Emailed Customer Service to see if they can charge for me, and just hope everyone else is running into this problem so my items wont be sold out! Was also hoping to take advantage of eBates for my...
Damn had my hopes up, but figured since I know they tend to be finicky with the cordovan shoes and which sales they can be applied to. That extra Xmas 15% would've been a sizable discount...oh well my wallet already hates me.
Indeed I am hoping they'll restock the #8 soon since it'll be my first Alden pair ever and wanted the flagship (unlined). Guess I'll play the waiting game. I'll ask my SA if she can find any available in-store across the country too. I've had luck with some sold out Rancourts online in my size that they found at the SF location, I just had to pay for the shipping.
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I already have the credit card. I probably will go for the Corp. then. Thanks again!
Just wondering when you all think is the best time to buy the Alden 986 Cordovan unlined version at BB. I know they may or may not be included depending on the individual sale. Would it be the corporate sale? Post-Xmas?
Thank you again good sir. Maybe the chest/shoulders look a bit narrow because of the way I took those pics....need a bigger tripod. But I happen to like the snugness of the shoulders (purposely had them taken-in from its original boxy nature that had initially surpassed my natural shoulders' end). And the chest feels okay to me since I made sure to buy my chest size, but I also concede to you as I am not as experienced. I'll definitely remember to not try this experiment...
Wow! Thank you very much for that incredibly insightful piece of seasoned knowledge. I'll definitely learn from this mistake, but in the mean time, is there any last ditch effort I can have my tailor do to savage the Harris Tweed? Or is it truly a lost cause? I was given a suggestion that the patch pockets can be moved over as they take in the sides in that problem area, given that the simplistic herringbone pattern may be easy enough to blend a new placement with.
I recently bought a vintage Harris Tweed Herringbone Sportcoat ('murican made naturally) for the upcoming winter season. But unfortunately for me, buying sportcoats & suits have always been a major ordeal since I've always needed invasive surgery for a slim fit. I have a 10" drop via gym time and so my tapered torso always swims in an unaltered jacket, as was the case for this initially-boxy Harris Tweed. Obviously the chest is my size but had the body and sleeves tapered,...
Thank you! I'll just say that it was the 67th combination of email addresses I tried...Oh wow that is random and rather unprofessional. What came of it? Story Time!I just needed to request my SA to have a few things put on hold for me. Like my love.
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