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Wow! Thank you very much for that incredibly insightful piece of seasoned knowledge. I'll definitely learn from this mistake, but in the mean time, is there any last ditch effort I can have my tailor do to savage the Harris Tweed? Or is it truly a lost cause? I was given a suggestion that the patch pockets can be moved over as they take in the sides in that problem area, given that the simplistic herringbone pattern may be easy enough to blend a new placement with.
I recently bought a vintage Harris Tweed Herringbone Sportcoat ('murican made naturally) for the upcoming winter season. But unfortunately for me, buying sportcoats & suits have always been a major ordeal since I've always needed invasive surgery for a slim fit. I have a 10" drop via gym time and so my tapered torso always swims in an unaltered jacket, as was the case for this initially-boxy Harris Tweed. Obviously the chest is my size but had the body and sleeves tapered,...
Thank you! I'll just say that it was the 67th combination of email addresses I tried...Oh wow that is random and rather unprofessional. What came of it? Story Time!I just needed to request my SA to have a few things put on hold for me. Like my love.
I don't believe so, think I tried it once. Only those gold rewards gift cards are "treated as cash" and apply any time.Thanks for making me aware on that, indeed I found a Dappered.com PSA from 2012 confirming Filson Bags discounted up to 40%, although this was in early December at that time. I'll definitely keep a lookout for it this year!Random question but this is the place to ask: Anyone know the email address of their Sales Associate? What is the format? I lost my...
This please. Also, the Filson bags are eligible for the corporate sale right?
Bump. Now accepting reasonable offers.
I purchased these beautiful loafers a month ago but ultimately decided against keeping them. They are Made in USA Rancourt & Co. Size 10D full strap penny loafers in Brown calfskin. Made for the current Brooks Brothers 2014 S/S season. Completely unworn and brand new. Original MSRP is $310, but are on sale on the website right now for $217. However, Brooks Brothers is completely sold out of the color Brown and in size 10D. So you won't find this combo anywhere else. I am...
I recently purchased the J Press York Street "Classic Top Coat" from the winter clearance sale. I am happy with it overall, but the one thing that is bothering me is that the button placement seems too low, but I don't really know much in this topic and could use your help. I've always seen topcoats with the 3 or 4 buttons starting at a higher stance, with the top button hitting somewhere on the lower chest. But this particular coat's buttons start just above my navel and...
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Polos are back in stock!
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