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^Ah truth, s'pose I'll ask in that thread as well. But while on the topic, what are your top suggestions?
Already have a pair of seude Clarks DBs that I love, but want to buy a pair for going out when its raining. Looking for a leather pair to wear as sh*t kickers with a good non-slippery sole (no crepe soles). Looked at the Allen Edmonds Malvern which I like, but am open to suggestions. Budget is under $200. edit: I don't like the white traction soles either, and would prefer something "sleek" as opposed to a worker's boot, so not the bulky Red Wing Beckman (?)
IMO a belt with a suit is ok for business wear, provided that the belt is slim and kept at 1" width, such as a plaque slider belt. I go beltless for evening or "fashion forward" occasions. Just my own rule.
I really like this chino blazer from the first page, its exactly what I'm looking for and the OP bought it for only $150.Realizing its from last summer, but do they carry this in store this season? I don't see a chino blazer on the website.
Thanks for the response. Any other suggestions?
Looking for a chino blazer to wear for the summer, khaki colored. Preferably tailored cut with slim lapels, side vents, but not too "fashion forward" (i.e. Thom Browne length). Unlined or minimally lined. 2 buttons. No shoulder pads. Budget is under $200. Have already looked at RL, Rugby, Club Monaco, Tyrwhitt, BB, LLB Signature, and Lands End. The Target Merona was not bad but too dark in color. I want to stay away from mainstream mall brands like Gap and Banana,...
I do like RL's 2010 campaign videos and I wished they made more. The soundtrack empowers the imagery very well. Like others have said, it is a false aesthetic (i.e. playing tennis in a trench coat?) but provides a sense of luxury and power. Which is the point of the campaign.
PMed a question. Thanks.
Cheers mate
I used to be a Hanes guy like anyone else, but I've been stocked up on CK from my local Nordstrom Rack. Mostly the all black solids trunks. I figure CK is the male equivalence to Victoria's Secret (since underwear equates to sexual appeal in my book) and should upgrade from the boring Hanes. And the thick waistbands are comfy. Always get 100% cotton. Bought a few form fitting CK with 5% elastane and they suck.
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