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Another PM
Payment Sent
I got screwed over by that "Page Not Found" error at checkout too. Ended up having to call to place an order, but then had to pay for S/H when I already have Shoprunner. The phone SA said that the Shoprunner only applies to online orders.....very frustrating. I emailed Customer Service to see if I can get a S/H refund since its not my fault their site isn't working!
Have a "friend of a friend" who works at Burberry Group in London. He can give me a 40% off full priced item. Thinking of investing in either the Long Wiltshire or Long Westminster in Honey (or can be persuaded otherwise). Both are $1895 MSRP. It'll come out to ~$1140 plus tax. Is that a good deal or do they go lower in the post-season sales? This is their flagship model so I presume they don't go too low.
Thanks Steve as always.That would be helpful, thank you!
Unrelated to BB Sales but figured ITT is full of expertise... Can anyone identify if this Fitzgerald solid 2 button I bought off eBay is a Navy by the inner tag? The seller listed as such, but I could never tell between BB's black and "midnight navy". From my understanding a "01" is Black and "42" is Navy. My suit tag says 001 at the end of the Mo/Seq line (the 42Reg is obv my size). Safe to assume I horridly purchased a black suit? Just turn in my SF membership now?
Just got my BB credit card (non Mastercard) to work, maybe it was just a short lag period when I was trying to order around midnight last night.
Curious do you have the Mastercard or the regular credit card? I have the latter.
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