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I recently purchased the J Press York Street "Classic Top Coat" from the winter clearance sale. I am happy with it overall, but the one thing that is bothering me is that the button placement seems too low, but I don't really know much in this topic and could use your help. I've always seen topcoats with the 3 or 4 buttons starting at a higher stance, with the top button hitting somewhere on the lower chest. But this particular coat's buttons start just above my navel and...
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Polos are back in stock!
I've been waiting to buy a black polo in Large since they've been sold out and the supposed restock date was June the 30th. However many of the sizes and colors are still sold out as of today. I did see a restock date for July the 8th on the Light Blue polo so hopefully it'll all be replenished by then.
I'm also in NC. ECU is a good school regional wise. I'm sure you can get at least into UNC, considering everything else the same. I'd go for the cheaper public school and political science degree. Aim for a high GPA and GRE and rest of solid app.
Would love to hear opinions on this. Wore the below outfit to a wedding this past weekend. Hot and humid in North Carolina. Is it too loud? Debated white chinos or even seersucker vs the light blue oxford pants. Went with the latter and thought the navy knit tie and dark merlot tassel loafers would help ground it. Now Im second guessing my choices haha. What do you think?
Have a wedding in a few hours. Will be wearing an odd plaid jacket, light blue oxford slacks, and a solid navy knit tie. Considering pairing a collar pin with a tie bar. Is this acceptable or would I be too much of a peacock? Stick with one accessory, or can I do both?
Thank you everyone once again for the input. JilSlander, I will PM you my idea and would love to hear your thoughts about it.
VinnyMac and Teger, I will send you a PM if you are kind enough to read it. Thank you for the feedback. I am proceeding with great caution in these preliminary stages. Just testing the waters and asking from those who know more than me. edit: I can go into specifics in my PMs, I am sure it is understood that I don't want all of my ideas disclosed freely in an open thread. Thank you.
I actually am moving in with my parents due to an unrelated life change. I just quit a part time job but will look for another soon, and am also on working with monetizing my blog for passive income. Most of my capital however will be sourced from a small amount of inheritance left to me.Does anyone have experience with the business side of the fashion industry? Perhaps a smaller, grass roots company? My niche will be amongst the "Heritage / Americana" brands.
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