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Does it say when it expires? Wonder if I got in the mail, have been out of town.
Could be too early in S/S but any idea when next 40% off is? Or the "$200 off $500" promotion? I bought two $150 gift cards for the extra $25 for each (online which apparently has no exp date as compared to in-store, my SA said), hoping to buy the cordovan wallet
Says it's made in Italy too. Is that an error? Didn't know Brooks Cool had Italy-made items. That's a great deal if the case, wish they had my size.
Ah makes sense they wouldn't want us to stack the gift cards on top of the mailers. Thanks for the FYI
Nice, noticed its for eGift Cards. Does that mean it can only be used online or can I use it in store? I still have my 40% mailer that's only in-store (exp 17th), wouldn't mind saving an extra $25-50 off a big tix item.
Was the famous "$200 off $500" (?) also mailed out recently? I remember it was around this time, plus the 40% mailer, and tonight is the additional 10%. Imagine that orgasm.
Edit: SOLD!! Thanks for interest. Men’s Brooks Brothers Bifold Cordovan Wallet Black Cordovan Shell with French Calfskin Lining 6 Card Slots 4½" x 3½" Handmade in Japan Brand New First Quality No Defects MSRP $428 Current Permanent Collection 2016-17,default,pd.html This wallet is a mainstay catalog item that never goes on sale and does not qualify for promotion. You can reference the website yourself and see customer reviews...
Currently in a health mgt. grad program, looking into consulting but also exploring sales. Seeing it can potentially be very lucrative (as a top performer of course.) Don't mind travel and tend to be extroverted. Want to compare stresses, cons, and benefits of both paths. Looking into internships soon and may only have enough time for one. Any thoughts? May I PM those in the field?
PMed offer.
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