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Agreed. Seems to be some decent stuff on Clearance.
And finally the latest RRL Roper looks great. Sleeves are just too short for me though.
Another that works thanks to Mr. Levine. Tattoos are extra.
Found this on the internet. I really like it. Doubt I would even try to pull it off though.
Would love to see more of these.
Sleeve would be great too...?
Grateful if someone would post sleeve length measurements on the latest RRL Roper jacket for a size medium. Pit-to-pit would be appreciated as well. . .
Great piece. I would totally go after it if the sleeve length weren't too short for me. Most RRL tops have sleeves on the short side. Drives me nuts.
Good to know (many thanks). I still want it. Would love to hear from someone who tried it on...
Anyone seen this badboy in person? I'm not sure why but I absolutely can't stop looking at it. Curious about sleeve length. I'm trying to figure out if I should go with a medium or large. .
New Posts  All Forums: