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Bump 'cause I'm bored.
Double-checking an eBay seller. Does this look like a real RT7 to people? Numbering ("5/2012") seems suspect...
Confirming this is an old Isaia label... Thoughts?
Beautiful Paul Stuart navy with grey mini stripe three-piece suit (jacket, pants and vest) made of 100% lambswool (medium weight). Suit is perfect for cooler climates. Suit is tagged 39 Tall (39 Long) and 32 waist with side tabs and no belt loops. Measurements work for an athletic 40L. Pants measure 33 in the waist (not 32) with 1" to let out. Full canvas construction. Made in Canada (by Samuelsohn). Purchased in late winter 2015. Approximate measurements (garment laid...
Huge help.Order placed (also added a LE t-shirt and a pair of chinos).Many thanks!
Any sizing guidance/help (maybe even measurements from a current owner...?) on the Limited Edition Black Denim Jacket? I'm eyeing a Large. Is the fit slim, boxy, way off? Thx.
Really very nice. Looking forward to more pics.
Bush league.Seriously.
Not showing up for me at 7:22am EST.
I'm a 33 waist and usually get a 31 in RRL. A 32 will typically fit perfectly when purchased but stretch out too much after a couple weeks of wear. YMMV.
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