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Really very nice. Looking forward to more pics.
Bush league.Seriously.
Not showing up for me at 7:22am EST.
I'm a 33 waist and usually get a 31 in RRL. A 32 will typically fit perfectly when purchased but stretch out too much after a couple weeks of wear. YMMV.
Good looking out. I almost ordered that piece in that size.
Been perusing the site today... What are people's thoughts on RRL Limited Edition pieces? I haven't been impressed with the LE 'distressed' jeans. (IMHO RRL often ends up overdoing a lot of the distressing on their denim.) Are the LE jackets or t-shirts that great?
Ask and you shall receive...3 flannel suits (all with stripes)1 mid-light weight windowpane suit1 fall coat (probably too light for a NY winter)2 light weight slacksI know it's poor form to discuss pricing but... [[SPOILER]]
If people really care I will try to do so tonight or this weekend...IIIRC my total haul was four suits, two slacks and a winter coat.
80% off today (was expecting 90%). Picked up a couple more items. Great values to be had as long as you weren't looking for basics.
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