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Been perusing the site today... What are people's thoughts on RRL Limited Edition pieces? I haven't been impressed with the LE 'distressed' jeans. (IMHO RRL often ends up overdoing a lot of the distressing on their denim.) Are the LE jackets or t-shirts that great?
Ask and you shall receive...3 flannel suits (all with stripes)1 mid-light weight windowpane suit1 fall coat (probably too light for a NY winter)2 light weight slacksI know it's poor form to discuss pricing but... [[SPOILER]]
If people really care I will try to do so tonight or this weekend...IIIRC my total haul was four suits, two slacks and a winter coat.
80% off today (was expecting 90%). Picked up a couple more items. Great values to be had as long as you weren't looking for basics.
If it matters there were very few tailored coats.Mostly S, M, L, casual cold weather jackets.
Reduced prices today. Anyone know how much (70% yesterday)?
Suits, slacks and a winter coat.Will likely pick up a couple more suits and slacks on Friday (remaining stock permitting).I saw quite a few trendy seasonal sport coats in my size on Wednesday but I just can't pull off the louder patterned fabrics (or perhaps I just don't want too...)
Tough crowd. I enjoyed it immensely and think I did quite well. I also plan to return on Friday.... Anyone know if PS will do the alterations (for their typical rates on discounted merchandise)...or do I need to use an standalone tailor?
Definitely worth checking out.Bevy of suits and sport coats in quite a few sizes (few basic colors but a surprising amount of PC).Fewer slacks and shirts and far fewer shoes...YMMV.
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