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Finally pulled the trigger on this.Paid $300 after shipping, tax, etc.Was thinking of holding out for a further reduction but decided to treat myself for X-mas...
I had been eyeing this on the 'bay. Someone (very recently) beat me to it though. Had been hesitating because of the color...
I'm hoping someone from RRL pays attention to this thread...
Just noticed this Enso Art jacket on eBay. I'm not the seller and have never heard of the line. Looks decent though.
I seriously wish more RRL tops had longer sleeve lengths (too accommodate us tall and extra tall folk)...
Paul Stuart Phineas Cole is a pretty nice OTR slim suit. I'm tall and for some reason they don't always work out for me.
Agreed. Seems to be some decent stuff on Clearance.
And finally the latest RRL Roper looks great. Sleeves are just too short for me though.
Another that works thanks to Mr. Levine. Tattoos are extra.
New Posts  All Forums: