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as a californian who recently moved to montreal, i have to say i'm not picking it up much french at all. i'm lucky to be in a english office so maybe the fact that i don't have to know it to earn a living is why i am taking long
BB has 15% off store wide for everyone who doesn't hold a BB card. So you are only losing out on 10% savings if you really don't want to go for the card. I picked up a few items this weekend with the 15%.
What is the fit like on the Burberry shirt? Is it a classic cut or more of a slim fit?
if you can find any more of those belts I'm definitely buying one
Are they all navy except for the first one on the left being black?
pm sent on #9
Quote: Originally Posted by thanE bump for gorgeous ties!! +1 I'm mad I missed out on these
I am new here and I have tried searching for my answer but have yet to find anything, but if I am mistaken please don't massacre me. I am moving from California to Montreal this summer for 3 months for business and am at a loss on how to pack all my clothes (I am living with someone I know there so I don't need to take anything other than clothes, laptop, toiletries, etc.). I only have 3 suits currently but I am also taking with me at least 4 pairs of shoes, around...
I love the Boss Rossellini but I'm afraid I would need a 40S. Any advice on how much I could shorten the coat? ps. I'm about 5'7" or 5'8"
couldn't send pm because I just joined but would like 27. It looks like the delay caused me to miss out on the other ones I liked.
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