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Hey Platypus, thanks for posting my Gustavo Lins sales thread. I was going to start a thread here eventually. His stuff is definitely not cut super slim but more generous. I find the designer's usage of leather trimming subtle and the hook-eye closures very clean and sleek. His fabrics are on another level. Sipang, you'd fit into a size 3 in most of his stuff if you're a 50.
I got nothing but good words for Clothing Brigade. I bought some shit last time around and shipping to Canada was quick. Communication was fast and professional. I actually just got off the phone with Justin. Fucking cool guy. Looking forward to doing more business with you guys!
Yea I saw them but I need 11 D, unless they fit smaller than other shoes. This will be my first pair of AE's.
Hi, looking to purchase a brand new or slightly used pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue's in black, size 11 D. Let me know, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyskJohan Speaking of which, does anyone have a current code for free shipping? ENJOYOOX
No shrinkage. Most if not all of their stuff is pre-shrunk.
I can also attest to the fit of the NDG M65. It was so incredibly sharp looking I seriously thought about buying it myself but I couldn't justify the price. LA Guy, you're nuts!
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Hmmm... I know that he didn't order any shawls initially. Maybe Donnell got them in a reorder. The last conversation we had, I asked him to run down his inventory for me, and I thought that the shawls would have popped out at me. I know that his has Olive tiger slimfits... Pretty sure I saw some shawl collars. It was on the rack with the Stussy stuff. Then again I could be wrong, like last time.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Perish the thought of Shawls dudes. There are none in the the CYC inventory. Your best bet is to look to the stockists that had them: American Rag, Nom de Guerre, and Nomad. Brian is obviously out, Uncle Otis and Famous Friends never ordered them. There may be some stockists I missed here, but I think that only a handful of stores ordered them to begin with... Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, I...
What's the actual model name of those Red Wings, Calden?
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