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picked up a pair of PS... hows the fit look?
is the Petite New Standard pretty close to the cut of levis 511? I wear a 32 in raw 511s that are completely stretched out, could probably do a 31 though. Should I go for a 30 or 29 in PNS? Also how accurate is context's measurements? Thanks!
Can anyone recommend any affordable GREY leather jackets. Not looking to spend anywhere near what most of these seem to go for, just a similar style. Looking for something slim cut, high armholes, lightweight leather. Also prefer the wrinkled/distressed look I like to more basic Rick Owens, Julius looks. The dior homme as well. I also like this color too!
anyone been to a Muse concert? I'd say matt bellamy is the best i've seen in the past few years
Quote: Originally Posted by ALFAMALE I would get the omega, but perhaps a model that will stay in style a little longer than the planet ocean. you don't think this model will last? I really dont think of it as a trendy watch that will be going out of style at all. I think its much better looking than the standard seamaster. Speedmaster is always an option too I guess. Aqua terra is a little plain for me, never really look to in depth into...
i think the new timewalker's are using montblanc's new in-house movement. I could be wrong though. I never really considered a montblanc until I say one walking past the store. After briefly handling it I was very impressed. but you guys are right... it's not a watch company.
Quote: Originally Posted by JTK This: nice! orange bezel looks good although I would still opt for the black bezel orange numbers (as of right now). I prefer leather/rubber straps too but that PO bracelet feels really good.
torn between these two watches... any opinions?
oddly enough there is no contract when it comes to certificate programs, i think degree programs are set up differently though.
So I have the opportunity to either get my Six Sigma Green Belt or Lean Six Sigma cert or CAPM (certified associate in project management) through my work on their $. I was in the process of looking into employment elsewhere and figured this could only help my chances. I am only 2 years out of college (dual major in business management and marketing) not much work experience (alot of customer service and a little sales, also a little with SEO) my question is... which...
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