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I paid a visit to this concept store during my last Paris trip 2 weeks ago. http://centrecommercial.cc/ It's a pet project of the guys behind French sneakers brand Veja and offers quite an interesting selection of labels with a local and/or authentic approach such as French manufactured Bleu de Paname and Saint James to name a few plus foreign stuff such as US made The-Hill-Side as well as few other less obvious but very interesting names. They also happen to stock a...
I would say that PS are slightly slimmer than SJ in terms of fit and looks but - after a while - they prove as comfortable to wear even if you tend to be muscular on the legs side. Grim Tim is definitely one step further on the skinny scale, you are right. I don't think you can really go wrong in picking up a PS in your SJ size. NS in 31 would end up as a rather relaxed fit after a while.
I have similar measurements and I got my PS in 32 i.e the same size as my Slim Jims Japan and Broken Twill. Could hardly close top button at the start. I have been wearing them regularly for more than a year now and they are very comfy while still looking pretty slim. My old NS (also in 32) feels pretty baggy in comparison (it also felt pretty tight at the beginning)
My current daily driver, shot while undertaking the classic Coupes des Alpes Alpine rally route earlier this week with a bunch of pals in a Mk1 Miata and a 3.0 Z3 Coupé.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramon How do the Parnu's fit? Same sizing as the Millers/Starr's ? In my experience, they do fit the same.
You're absolutely right RFX45 ! I just found a discreet "Made in Italy"mention printed at the upper back of my left boot... I guess I was perplexed by the fact that the website no longer mentions country of origin.
I just got myself a pair of Lawrence boots on sale in a local shop (identical to Pradesh but without the rubber sole) and that got me wondering if PS still had their shoes made in Italy. I cannot find any mention of origin on the box or on the shoes and the website no longer mentions "made in Italy" in their product descriptions. Build quality seems identical to my Millers bought 7 months ago though. And those have Italy clearly embossed on the soles.
A not-so-pristine 1976 MG B GT. Cheap to buy but cost me an arm and a leg to run. Wasn't that popular with the ladies who thought it was cute but a pain to ride in. Completely fell apart after 2 years.
Parisienne Bleue. I like the silly name (Parisienne is a Swiss brand not distributed in France) and the cheap pack design. Nothing special about the taste though.
Scottish wonder. Tastes even more artificial than Vimto.
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