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yeah they are chunkier. i have a pair that i never wear.
been there a few times for work, nice city, i like to just soak up the vibe in bars + restaurants. art museum is worth a look. if this is your one and only trip to brazil, might be worth a cheap flight to rio for a couple of days?
dat crossfit.
dat negroni.
yeah forgot i was posting on the baller forvm. "we just have them close the restaurant while we eat".
a guy told me puerto rico day is a great to make restaurant reservations for spots you normally might not get, the city is cleared out. crazy talk?
i actually can't stand irish / scottish whiskey. prefer bourbon. causes a lot of family arguments.
we show those northern amateurs how it should be done properly...
that's how things work these days. go to a concert to view it on iphone screen while recording. makes me feel so old.would be very common back home in ireland. hard to get serious drinking done when there are kids running around.
i kind of want to go to a gala now.
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