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momotaro 0702 would be my suggestion.
thanks for the heads up on woolrich, picked up a baracuta. blankets are all $75 now.
White negroni, they made me a good one in attaboy with aveze.
nope, ladies stuff is done. my wife has a few old shirts that she loves.
same for me. i put in two separate orders, two separate credit cards.second order cancelled, and it was a card that i rarely used. i gave them a call and they explained it was due to the card... billing address or something?my items were put back in inventory and luckily i was able to pick most of them up again with a new order using the first card.
damn! did not expect to spend $500 on clothing by 9 am this morning...
pebble grain. paul shaffer.
yes... fight!!!
much good stuff left, do you think it would be worth dropping by tomorrow?(i know "good" is a relative concept when it comes to bonobos)
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