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v interesting, could you link to the one you bought? i might have to give this a whirl. also if anyone has a link for recommended stoned would be much appreciated.
i look like a terrorist on my green card, rapist on driver's license. now that i think of it, maybe the problem is not the photos.
Is it more to do it online? That's fucked. Is it easy / cheap to get an eye test done? I need to go to the office anyway, need to change photo. In my current one I look like a rapist.
Search results for 'ashby' Your search returns no results.
yeah i got it, i was joking around. i checked around a few places. don't see much less than $300 or so equivalent and to avoid the headache / potential customs i think i will go bloomingdales. thanks for the suggestions.
i like how the logo just peeks out at you. tasteful, like.
an EU what now?
plus they got ditched by costco.
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