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got a vitamix recently, what are good things to make with it? so far i have been stuck on smoothies and hummus.
it's sneaky sticky out there.
and recording on their fuckin phone. drives me mad.
just switched from TWC to fios. i knew i would lose pat kiernan but why the F am i watching long island news about traffic in ronkokoma (sp?)
guys any tips on managing anxiety for a novice looking to "post up" for the first time? i keep thinking to myself i can do it but i get so nervous.
simply gorgeous out there today.
late 30s (yikes), that's pretty much what i'm doing.
sly sure does have the hand to play. i've watched that video about 50 times.
i'll have to plead guilty to being one of those idiots sweating in white and dragging chairs and table round tribeca. stood in for my wife at the last minute, she was supposed to be going with some friends. 4,600 total.
bread, salad leaves, mirepoix (lazy), rosemary ham, organic milk, eggs, chicken stock, cereals. pretty much everything except what i get from butcher and veg shop.
New Posts  All Forums: