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nice. soggy dollar?
[[SPOILER]] that's great feedback, thanks for putting it together.
like a few recent posters i feel like this is the kind of rabbit hole i could easily start getting lost down. hey @Master-Classter , did you say you wrote a primer for beginners? can you link to it? the mrs. got me some creed, van cleef + arpels, acqua di parma over the years, to give a brief reference point. would something like this be a reasonable jump-off point? 3 ml...
dat walls of text. j-dog, you ever heard of a paragraph?
how are the barbour hoods? thinking of picking one up for my ashby, anything to be aware of? do they ever go on sale?
i'm no expert but that's my understanding. if you can get to a store to try them, i'd highly recommend that. you'll find which one "clicks" for your body type.i tried them all and the ashby just worked perfectly.
in the same ballpark, anyone got a source for couro cromo (teak) tennis low laces? both of mine eventually tore where they come out of the highest eyelet. they are a lighter shade of brown, can't seem to find them locally.
no way I'm clicking that. Anyone else feeling brave?
I will never understand toilet talkers.
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