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anybody tried the cashmere hoodie?
i currently own PBJs, just making a comment on the fit. that's what we're here for. get back in yr box.
good call. although i dislike the ass pockets on PBJs. they seem too far apart to me.
interesting, yes that probably makes more sense. i am on the mailing list.
thermapens are awesome, one of my most-used kitchen tools. use them for steaks, roasts, cakes, bread, even chunky pieces of fish. thinking of buying two extra for the parents and in-laws this christmas, so they will be available any time i'm cooking there.
can anyone recommend a black jean that will fade nicely, with a medium / higher rise? and ideally a lighter weight denim, say 15 oz or less. i lean more towards japanese brands than usa.
i tend to call to the venue early to perform any masonry work. then go home and change into my "posting" gear.
looks a bit like the fang.
my wife knows damn well i hate talking to her (or anyone else) on the phone. ain't gonna be making excuses for it.
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