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same here.
AC in my apartment picked a fine week to pack in. i got the finger lakes book but haven't read it yet. currently reading russ and daughters. enjoying it a lot. nice mix of NYC history, food talk, and jew-y stuff, all 3 interesting insights for an outsider.
cheers. i was joking based on med and long posts before both in the same zone.
i'm holding it short term, i.e. 2 years.
playing tennis in this heat was a bad idea. perhaps a negroni will help.
i came to the same conclusion myself recently. i love the meat of the minetta black label, but the bun can't hold it together.love a potato roll, they stand up nicely to the texture of a good burger imo.i've grown to love the smoke shack at shake shack. with a single patty, i find two is overkill.might have to go and try a mcd for old time's sake.
mm, tough one. visited jost van dyke buenos aires wellington NZ Osaka Cairo want: moscow beijing delhi s Africa Vietnam
christ. it was national tequila day only a few days ago. we'll be a mess by the end of the week.
time to upgrade my block from current bamboo POS. it's around 16" * 12" which i find very convenient. any recommendations?
nah just the 39.
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