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signed up for a 1/2 share this year for the first time - every second week. veg, fruit, flowers and eggs. part of the deal is that i have to volunteer to help at the pickup at least once, i'm fine with that though.
i love too much, i just want to make the world a better place.
is this like when i rag on interpol lyrics and you call me a philistine?
yeah i saw that, i wasn't being entirely serious. maybe i should have added some smileys?
stay strong brother. maybe you can put in some weekends to make up the unpaid time. don't you hate taking vacations? where is all your paid time off?
what to do with jars of ortiz tuna?
all SF wants is a girl wit dat narrow eyes and dat big ole' butt.
jesus, flirting with a man's wife like that.
plus their lyrics are atrocious.
those were the best of times...
New Posts  All Forums: