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what kind of cash would we be talking for a truffle around that size? never bought one before.
cool. i will check it out. up till now my italian standard has been giorgio locatelli - made in italy.
i got the same error yesterday when i tried to pay thru paypal.worked OK with credit card.
i do that but just for fun, mostly i have say 80% vanguard ETFs but i have a 20% etrade account that i consider "play money".the down side is there is more risk for this allocation, a single stock loss will give you a big hit, so if it's not something you are interested in playing with, i would stick with etfs. of course if you play it right there is a potential upside too.
i presume the answer is yes, but is hazan's book worth getting?
i don't never read your posts either.
shot from epaulet instagram, don't think this has been posted yet.
my 6 month old son is getting ready to talk, and judging by this morning's gargling it sounds like his first word is going to be "foof"
i guess it depends on what you are going to wear them with. i'd say cigar would look great with more formal epaulet chino styles, i kopped the kognac, i think it will work great on the slouchier denim end of things.
sweet jesus. please get the separate trainer thread going or this will be a clusterfuck of sizing to rival the cp thread.
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