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damn! did not expect to spend $500 on clothing by 9 am this morning...
pebble grain. paul shaffer.
yes... fight!!!
much good stuff left, do you think it would be worth dropping by tomorrow?(i know "good" is a relative concept when it comes to bonobos)
maybe things will work out better for you guys when you grow up and finish high school.
just what the forum needed.
seeing as it is coming into samurai season, updated pic. still plenty of work left to do.
how much wear is on them? drier will probably give you some more shrinkage but 1" seems unlikely.
don't you care about missing out on points? i have paid for my last few holidays with them.
did you register here to query about your jeans being 0.5 inches too long? i'm confused. 0.5 inches long is not a bad problem. why not cuff them, and if they shrink when you machine wash, great, if not, re-hem?
New Posts  All Forums: