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yeah. have you used a BB recently? truly painful. my wife has one for work i have to help her with it all the time, she has no probs with iphone.
if your big toe is up there your feet are going to be squeezed pretty tight into your shoesi agree though, i'm a relative alden newb and sometimes wonder about sizing. i think the main thing is make sure the widest part of your foot matches widest part of the shoe.
red wine... guinness is coming for desert though...!!
thursday nite steak + chips excuse the crazy amount of sauce, i'm from ireland it's what we do...
i would say the % is pretty damn high
they measure 36 or 35? why not sell them on and put the $$$ towards a pair that fit properly?
sent to the naughty corner :-)
for dinner i ate my NY hobby, home made sourdough
soaked or machine washed?
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