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get a hooker to call over and make you a cuban sandwich.
uh oh....
i live next door to a trader joe's. very handy to run down on a tuesday at 8.30 AM and have the place to myself. thursday evening through monday it is a nightmare. outside of that i do top ups in sahadi's, such a great store.
dear god... as if i'd waste time at the masters looking at women!!
how was augusta? any tips for me?
sweet. i got picked for a masters practice round next year.would have been amazing to get a weekend ticket for $75!!!
FYI piobaire... not sure if you already saw but you should be able to snag a free tuner. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2013/Its-Les-Paul-Month!-Get-A-Free-Polytune-Mini.aspx
good choice man, enjoy.
Hell yes!!
interesting discussion.i'm equally clueless about this type of stuff so how about a more realistic question that would be relevant for a lot of SF-ers?i have a healthy 401K and savings account but never really looked in to investing until now, did not feel like i had the disposable income.i'm in my mid-30s and thinking i would like to invest around 20 - 30K a year with a view to growing it for retirement.what type of investments should i be looking at? i don't want to...
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