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how dare you
if you get those god damn pants hemmed we can talk :-)
makes sense. cheers.
daffy's general prices seemed to be$20 = cut tags cotton$40 = first quality cotton$60 = first quality wool / dress pantsso the B&S prices seem fair enough to me
good call
can you expand a bit on that? you are sizing TTS or "large"-ish to avoid them being too small down the line?Ketawa, 701s look good.
beamish and murphy's both pretty good alternatives
i threw out 3 black bags full of old junk about 3 weeks ago. nothing even worth dropping off to the charity shop. my wardrobe is now 1/3 of its previous size. feels good. HTH.
i got my 0705sp from big and it has the tab. this was over a year ago tho, maybe it has changed since.
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