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i played before but did not wait in line... if you play with a NY resident you can book 7 days in advance.
i was tempted until i noticed the size of the back pockets
called over today and talked to sara. nice girl. thanks for the recommendation
i guess there's a reason they went out of businesshaving said that i'd be interested in a fit pic. kind of crazy that context don't have one.
no, but let me know if you find something. i have plenty of skill / experience in that area. my revised linkedin profile would be truly superb.
yeah added the billfold to my cart and forgot to complete the purchase. kicking (!) myself now they are gone. if anyone got one and it doesn't work out let me know.
just ordered 4,000 pairs to flip on ebay
you never know man. they say the key to swinging and putting is taking the lower arms, and particularly hands, out of it. you could knock a decent amount of shots off your handicap!
there's space in my building too. i've had a bike every city i lived in before but was just scared about NY for some reason. figured i would give this a shot for a year. i like the idea of one-way trips to a bar or whatever and not having to drunk cycle home.
i took one out for the first time yesterday. 4 people stopped to ask me about it over the course of 30 mins. at one point i was at a red light in a three way conversation with a guy in a truck and one on a motorbike.
New Posts  All Forums: