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on the plus side it sounds like you have the premium shitter in the building.
root in australia is a verb, to have sex. e.g. "have a good root".
Sweet jesus, my eyes are burning. You can skip holding up the T shirt next time.
which BOM model is that?
true, i normally call in for a quick one around 5 pm. after that it gets chaotic.popped in to BMW once for a glass of wine, seemed like a nice spot.
back room? i saw the door out the back of the main bar a few times but never actually thought to check what was there.
yep. quality. i actually laughed out loud.
just saw the clover club has a back room with a fireplace. mind = blown.
ah... makes sense. i was wondering where they got the intelligence / buzz words from.
+1looks about right to me. what do you think?
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