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once the 702BRs soften up and drape a little, they should look OK i reckon.
be interested to see a fit pic of that last one.
i liked his comment re. pat kiernan.
stopped off at super taste for lunch, pretty damn good. mount qi noodle i think it was?what is that you have there? what else is good?
the radar looks like there is some good stuff on the way.
get a hooker to call over and make you a cuban sandwich.
uh oh....
i live next door to a trader joe's. very handy to run down on a tuesday at 8.30 AM and have the place to myself. thursday evening through monday it is a nightmare. outside of that i do top ups in sahadi's, such a great store.
dear god... as if i'd waste time at the masters looking at women!!
how was augusta? any tips for me?
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