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serious blue steel action going on there
my order arrived...not too impressed with the selvedge, ordered 15.5 and they are a bit blousy on me. 14.5 might have been the way to go. does anyone know if they shrink in the wash?dobby shirt and pattern chambray workshirt (both S) are both great.
she's all yours, i'll take far right
my contribution to #8 day...
there was a pretty good article in lucky peach on the pros and cons of culinary school. keller was massively pro. most others (inc paul kahan and dude from longman + eagle) were con.
speaking of which yes i do like those recommendations!! but a little odd given that i have never ordered a single women's item
i think you will find people answering both ways. i went with barrie(r) size. depends on shape of your foot.
cup the balls, work the shaft
yep. love the creaminess of salmon sashimi. generally hate it cooked.
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