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naked wisdom
i feel the opposite way. i like the boots for daily winter use, in the office or wherever. i have more rugged boots for when required, i'm not baller enough to trudge through a sewer with $700 boots
your friend has close ups of your aldens on their facebook?if so - i heartily approve
thks for the heads up, grabbed a chambray shirt for $12 also
what if you got attacked by a bear in best buy?didn't think of that did ya...
dude... were you taking pictures of your shoes while you were waiting to be called...
made beef burgundy tonight, added a little flour to thicken up the sauce. it tasted great but the sauce had a kind of dull grey sheen to it. any tips on how to get it back to that original shiny wine colour?
Sweet looking belt. I'm in. PM on the way Charlie.
is the australian nut list full?
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