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Quote: Originally Posted by bburkava Hey guys - I've been a longtime lurker, but wanted to share some pictures of my first pair of Alden's, some Context Roy Boots. thanks for sharing. contemplating a roy purchase, yours look great.
sole with fennel
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 my original issue was the fact that you claimed big hemmed your jeans w/o telling you they would shrink. to be fair i don't think he did claim that. i posed it as a question, i was just curious. would have kept my mouth shut if i knew the shit storm it would start!
the $150 "better" cashmere sweaters on sale for $80 in NYC, no mediums just lots of XS
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches cover your tie with fast acting poison
keep an eye on gilt. i got a baller corneliani tux for my wedding a few months back for $$ cheap. 2 of my groomsmen had rental tux and one bought his own black suit. looked fine. bear in mind this was an irish wedding so the focus was on the booze!
Quote: Originally Posted by johnci If I get my own tux, I don't know how often I will wear it. why don't you just buy a gangsta-ass suit instead?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 but see thats the point ... i dont think they would ever do that or let that happen. i am POSITIVE they would have mentioned the fact they they will shrink in the situation you mentioned above. that's why i'm hoping the original guy comes back and lets us know his thoughts on the whole experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 they clearly post measurements on their site (assuming he did not buy from the store). so wait, you think its their job to ask ... hey, even though you took the time to send in the jeans and even though you wrote out a note saying you want these hemmed ... i just want to make sure your right? that is totally unreasonable! if he mailed them in with strict instructions then i agree with you, it's all...
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler For someone that is a first-time customer, it would actually be nice if they emailed back hemming requests and said, "This pair of jeans will shrink x amount of inches in the inseam and x amount of inches in the waist when washed and stretch back x amount of inches in the waist when worn. Be aware that hemmed jeans cannot be returned, so please confirm your inseam length after making sure that it is correct."...
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