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+1, thanks for the recipe matt
just placed an order. one thing i noticed, when you click "check out", there's a customer login option but no place to register? you should allow people to register directly on that page.
as noted above, small might work for you.
yes i got small and it is still a bit big for me, at 6" 170 lbs!it's noticeably bigger than my waxed version which is also small.i'll give it to my dad.
i had read it a couple of times, so listed as very good.that seems to be the going rate. i had no particular love for it, would have taken $20 so anything above that was a bonus.
well, that's going to happen anyway, so enjoy your time until the inevitable
sold my copy for $100 on ebay last week
suitable user name so.about to head out for an early 3 miles.
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