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ghost dump, i think it's called. pretty good alright.
toilets of new york. much and all as i love discussing the minutiae of bathroom behaviour, i am not sure why this exists. http://nyctoilets.tumblr.com/
deets on the cheap wine please, i'm in the market for a restock of red
looks like a lady cardigan to meright
return those shits, dawg. and stop fawkin' ironing them!
you had me at billionaire
too close for me to call between shake shack and in-n-out. five guys can suck my balls, there, i said it.
if any fans of this thread have not visited japan you need to get it on your to-do list.such a great country as far as toilets are concerned, there is a delightful surprise around every corner.most of them are like space ships, this kind of stuff is fairly typical.
awesome job. did you stay late / early to do it? could someone have walked in to see you hunched on the floor with the toilet rolls, bleeding and writing with merry abandon?
you have to wonder about the asshole who dropped 2 grand on a shirt then sent to the thrift store
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