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Hell yes!!
interesting discussion.i'm equally clueless about this type of stuff so how about a more realistic question that would be relevant for a lot of SF-ers?i have a healthy 401K and savings account but never really looked in to investing until now, did not feel like i had the disposable income.i'm in my mid-30s and thinking i would like to invest around 20 - 30K a year with a view to growing it for retirement.what type of investments should i be looking at? i don't want to...
ha! me too. no idea how. "I'd like you to be the first to hear my new single..."i'd like to be the first to see you go f*ck yourself, blunt.
she's dropping hints bro, she wants you to put a ring on it.
tribute plus without a doubt. gibson pickups and top notch specs. posted a pic of mine around xmas. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Epiphone/Les-Paul-Tribute-Plus/Specs.aspx
i want to say they were close to a hundred bucks. can't remember exactly though. here's one of the ones they had from google cache.did not spot any socks but they may have been hiding somewhere.
since i am a 15 min bike ride away i decided to check it out instead of being a lazy asshole.anyway they had the woolen t-shirts and some kind of light zip up cardigan. nothing that was of interest to me.
much SNS herning?
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