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thks dude, out in your neck of the woods...
+1if memory serves this guy was asking basic questions about plane journeys a few months back. best of luck to him but i am waiting for imminent threadfailure.
how did you ruin the last pairs?i like one wash because you can try on a few sizes and you know they are not going to move too much, size wise. fully raw can be a gamble sometimes because they are going to shrink.
what are you looking for fit-wise?
yeah before i knew what i was doing i got a pair of apc hemmed at my local cleaners. they look grim. will post a pic when i get a chance.
i'd say so but i am not a fan of ze stax either way
what is it that you don't like about the fit? doesn't look like there is much room for tapering there, seems pretty slim fit...
/\ good stuff right there
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