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looks a bit like the fang.
my wife knows damn well i hate talking to her (or anyone else) on the phone. ain't gonna be making excuses for it.
educate yourself on the best thread in this forum..'Posting Up' at the Club / Bar - Let's Discuss
i was impressed at this honesty from the verizon rep. contacted them thru twitter and he gave me a chat link to get directly to him.Verizon Rep(15:03:01): alright setting that up for you nowVerizon Rep(15:04:06): alright we'll see you tomorrow then - you should also get a text confirmation and emailVerizon Rep(15:04:19): ****Me(15:04:19): got it. thanksVerizon Rep(15:04:24): ^that's the ticket numberVerizon Rep(15:04:29): for refVerizon Rep(15:04:44): if you have any...
hi guys. i have some cash stored up. is this the correction i have been waiting for to get out of 100% cash?
i switched recently, internet is great. i miss NY1, and verizon on demand sucks. daily show is about a week behind.did you have to do anything custom with the wiring? i don't think that's an option for me because the single coax cable connecting from outside would only work for one or the other.
are you in a bar at 2 pm on a monday? if yes, i'm officially jealous.
what kind of cash would we be talking for a truffle around that size? never bought one before.
cool. i will check it out. up till now my italian standard has been giorgio locatelli - made in italy.
i got the same error yesterday when i tried to pay thru paypal.worked OK with credit card.
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