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i don't never read your posts either.
shot from epaulet instagram, don't think this has been posted yet.
my 6 month old son is getting ready to talk, and judging by this morning's gargling it sounds like his first word is going to be "foof"
i guess it depends on what you are going to wear them with. i'd say cigar would look great with more formal epaulet chino styles, i kopped the kognac, i think it will work great on the slouchier denim end of things.
sweet jesus. please get the separate trainer thread going or this will be a clusterfuck of sizing to rival the cp thread.
damn. cordo trainers are dope.
last word
excellent work. you win the respect and admiration of your fashionable peers.
we should have a sweepstake for the first SF-er to covertly snap the stewart on the subway. http://gothamist.com/2014/09/24/rod_stewart_subway_nyc.php
New Posts  All Forums: