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Sounds like my kind of joint
any pics of these soccer moms?
you keep on polishing that turd, dawg.
worth watching? looked at the first half of EP 01, a bit too intense for me as far as late night viewing goes. does it lighten up at all?
Dat truth fact got me in a panic.
bad grammar got me in a hibbledy state of being. should be chalked in a fact of truth manner.
i don't think i have ever inspected a pair that closely. they will be covered in marks like that after a week so who cares? the only pair i ever returned was a pair of white achilles that started peeling noticeably on the front toe after a couple of wears.
thumbs down for ninja socks here. i can't get used to the rubber strips. i like balega hidden comfort, i think mike recommended them originally. you can get them on amazon. not completely no-show, but good enough for me.
New Posts  All Forums: