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cool. i'll see if i can get on dat list.
you guys ever try making body wash? i heard pete holmes talking about it in his podcast, as an odd aside to the singer from the national. bronner castille soap, vitamin e and some peppermint oil, i believe he said.
are you guys getting full pull stuff shipped or picking up? sounds interesting.
i'm about to spend 12 large on a glass of bourbon happens to be $12.
nailed it.
neighbour sounds cool, man.
a good time, is it?my shake shack revelation was ordering the smoke shack with a single patty instead of double. usually sacrilege, but there is a fair amount of grease involved, especially with the extra cheese i found it too much.
say "good luck" to dat personal wealth goalz.
is this the same? other than rosewood? http://www.adorama.com/fe118110735.html?sdtid=9037891&emailprice=t&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=rflaid62905
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