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a guy told me puerto rico day is a great to make restaurant reservations for spots you normally might not get, the city is cleared out. crazy talk?
i actually can't stand irish / scottish whiskey. prefer bourbon. causes a lot of family arguments.
we show those northern amateurs how it should be done properly...
that's how things work these days. go to a concert to view it on iphone screen while recording. makes me feel so old.would be very common back home in ireland. hard to get serious drinking done when there are kids running around.
i kind of want to go to a gala now.
stark / APCs / common projects. you're welcome.
office pants, one assumes.
signed up for a 1/2 share this year for the first time - every second week. veg, fruit, flowers and eggs. part of the deal is that i have to volunteer to help at the pickup at least once, i'm fine with that though.
i love too much, i just want to make the world a better place.
is this like when i rag on interpol lyrics and you call me a philistine?
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