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great price but i can't see how this won't be a total clusterf*ck. based on sizing issues, and even the difference between same tagged pairs of jeans.
702s? look too big to me. mine tightened just a smidge on their first machine wash but stretched out again to the original size.
this post.
have you been to prison? perhaps you would come to enjoy it given the correct circumstances.
damn. wish i had seen this earlier.
i got a black melange from these guys a couple of years back. this should be old fit, i don't think there was a black melange this year.
i lol-ed at the street cleaner guy who didn't even flinch.
ouch. union square / floods?
i would say no. i am a perfect 8.5 barrie so i ordered 8.5 roy, but it was a little big on me.i have worn them for ~3 years without shoe trees so they have shaped to my foot fairly well but i would be curious to see how 8 roy would have worked for me.
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