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i used to live in sydney, that was some pretty hardcore roach action. they gravitated towards the microwave for some reason. there was one in the little time display window thingy.
nice. was eying that bad boy myself.
cool pics /\ as a european living in the US i can empathise with your immigration drama...
pretty queer. that's inside the door, yeah?
pre-tailor money shot
+1 - I picked up the same pair and I love them, can't wait to get them back from the tailor. As I hoped earlier when they came online they will look seriously gangsta with colour #8 boots.
maybe you need to get a massage after a few glasses of wine?
baby leek type things.
i was the same until i went on holiday to bali a few years back. went to a fancy spa and they had 1 / 2 / 3 hour massages. i thought that was crazy.went for a half hour that was amazing. i was floating afterwards. total relaxation.towards the end of the week i was doing coffee scrubs, herbal teas, the whole nine yards. love them now.
New Posts  All Forums: