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bizarre, been actually thinking of getting some of these types of socks for the last few days, and then this thread pops up. my wife always gives out about the junk nike socks i wear.
svenssons just arrived. v pleased with the fit and style. i've only tried on CPs so can't really compare.now, does anyone know where i can get some gold lettering to pimp these bad boys up :-) [[SPOILER]]
yes they do, dingusberry
white dude on the 3 train last night stood up and gave a note perfect rendition of "i believe i can fly", prettay impressive
+1, talk to Charlie here on the forum
i'm irish, can't eat without carbsit's and end piece left over from dinner last night, fried it up for lunch
halibut, gazpacho, and costco's finest garlic bread
did you use all the detergent or will you need to stock up for your next trip?
LOL... snap...was just about say that. i pour that sheeit straight down my neck hole.
enjoying a rather delightful cup of tea
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