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paying $6K to a rental broker.
this is what i got too.what is the lanyard dealie designed for?also the ring on the wallet? i tried attaching keys but that did not seem too sensible. belt loop?
such a depressing show. i live there about 10 years ago, was nice to see the old hood on TV. weird contrast to see such horrible things happening in a beautiful place.sounds like we might be married to the same woman.
i started watching it when IDFNL mentioned it last summer in this thread. when it dropped to $20 or so i picked a few up.
nice. love my sammys in the winter.
EPZM... boom!
looks great, i'll check it out.
yeah that's what i did. bartenderess was a total honey which always helps.no good? i've been there twice, seemed OK. although i was well lubricated on both occasions.do you have any better options around east village?
yeah, sorry, looking for somewhere nearby. i like 2nd floor on clinton but i am saving that for after.
how so? just get one in there?
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