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have you been to prison? perhaps you would come to enjoy it given the correct circumstances.
damn. wish i had seen this earlier.
i got a black melange from these guys a couple of years back. this should be old fit, i don't think there was a black melange this year.http://www.grundtnerundsoehne.com/products/stark-black-melange
i lol-ed at the street cleaner guy who didn't even flinch.
ouch. union square / floods?
i would say no. i am a perfect 8.5 barrie so i ordered 8.5 roy, but it was a little big on me.i have worn them for ~3 years without shoe trees so they have shaped to my foot fairly well but i would be curious to see how 8 roy would have worked for me.
*something cheesy about having a role for her to play*
not familiar with dcarch's ouevre but i assume that's not a good thing the cow (and recipe) was stolen from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Meat book.
whoa, yeah. that's nuts. what was he doing on the roof?
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