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the deep dish?
Experience life to the fullest with the clean and classic styling of the Village from Herschel Supply Co. A streamlined backpack made of lightweight and durable polyester.
yeah looks like you beat the hell out of those things. just walking for a few months? having said that, the suede should not just rip under normal use. i tried contacting CP directly about laces and also got no response. maybe try a local cobbler?
crap. How did they get in?
i'd like another small dip, i want to do some buying.
it's not what you want to hear, but those look like they will never fit properly. how much room exactly do you have in the waist? can you fit a hand in there? i'm sure most of us can relate, i've tried to make pairs work in the past when i knew in my heart they were just wrong. better to take the initial hit and move are the thighs? you could consider getting a size or two down on that massdrop site.ETA - as mistral says, you could try wash + dry but that will lower...
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