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cool, thks
will the F&F discount apply to stuff that is already on sale?
picked up a navy napoli suit at the weekend. screen shot of the nifty digital receipt to show you some sample tailoring prices, very reasonable. as mentioned above the selection was not what i was expecting based on browsing the website, they seemed quite low in stock. i love the look of the washington but just did not look good on me. also maybe useful info for some, you can mix & match pant sizes on some of the suits, i was deciding between 32 / 34 pants but the 34 had a...
+1 - not usually a fan of the leather jacket but that is damn sweet
don't ask... seriously dangerous to your health [[SPOILER]]
i live in cobble hill. highly recommend it, plenty of cool bars and restaurants. can't speak too much re. the wimminz as teh wife usually puts them off :-(
correct, that would have shown the stronger pimp hand
thks dude, out in your neck of the woods...
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