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tried on a nomos at the weekend. i like it. might order direct from germany to get a smaller strap.
So weird to me, after growing up in Ireland, that Aran jumpers would ever be considered cool. Inis means Island, Meain means middle, so Inis Meain is the middle of the three Aran islands off the west coast.
Good deal here for a 39 http://unisnewyork.com/products/common-projects-summer-perforated-vintage-blue
from the SNS thread. i just bought the large.
once the 702BRs soften up and drape a little, they should look OK i reckon.
be interested to see a fit pic of that last one.
i liked his comment re. pat kiernan.
stopped off at super taste for lunch, pretty damn good. mount qi noodle i think it was?what is that you have there? what else is good?
the radar looks like there is some good stuff on the way.
get a hooker to call over and make you a cuban sandwich.
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