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Cool, thanks Lefty
Hey Mikey (or anyone else) do you carry renovateur in the Brooklyn store?
was it the part where he said he was so confused right now?
try saying this in a whiney, high pitched voice. bitches love that shit.
alden thread is over there ->
snap. cuffs look good in some SF photos but not for me.
yeah. have you used a BB recently? truly painful. my wife has one for work i have to help her with it all the time, she has no probs with iphone.
if your big toe is up there your feet are going to be squeezed pretty tight into your shoesi agree though, i'm a relative alden newb and sometimes wonder about sizing. i think the main thing is make sure the widest part of your foot matches widest part of the shoe.
red wine... guinness is coming for desert though...!!
thursday nite steak + chips excuse the crazy amount of sauce, i'm from ireland it's what we do...
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