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i love it when you call me beard poppa
ha! perfect description.
A rack of 3-pc tallia orange suits at 34th st. Nice olive color but no size 38. i did try on a charcoal, fit seemed nice but it had a red pin stripe so I passed. Also a bunch of messori black label suits, claiming retail $1600 or so. Did not like the fit, fabric seemed shiny.
having been a 7 jean wearer in a pre-SF life i can only advise you one thing. hang out (quietly) in the jeans thread for a couple of weeks before you make your decision. soak it up a bit, and then decide. http://www.styleforum.net/t/55144/i-have-a-jean-the-ultimate-jean-thread-for-beginners-ask-questions-here/0_40
why did you not put this in the existing dinner thread? are you angling for a "special flower" badge?
send a PM to LA Guy, then send me some socks!!also, you should put your website as your signature.
how about ability to block a thread from latest updates? i don't want to hear about new season of breaking bad :-(
6 business days to NYit says size down on the website, sounds about right. i am 8.5 / 9 and went 41, fits perfect.
yah mine were 840 sek = $120
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